Control Abandoned Resource Depots!




What would unlimited access to free Munitions, Rations, Fuel, and Diamonds do for your operation? Got your attention yet? Good.

When international UN peacekeeping forces pulled out of Zandia, they didn’t stop to pack up shop. They abandoned Oil Refineries, Rail Depots with food relief shipments, Munitions Dumps, and nationalized diamond mines – all unguarded, and all up for grabs. Whoever maintains control of the Depots, will have a major battlefield advantage. Here’s what you need to know:

To detect new Depots, you need to build a working Radar system. You can control any Depots that you occupy from the Command HQ, and every Depot that you control will bring you a steady stream of additional Resources or Diamonds. 

Use offensive units to occupy a Depot, and defensive units to protect it. Partners can fight each other for Depots – all’s fair in business and war, right? Choose your targets carefully and weigh the potential benefits before engaging in any “hostile takeovers”...

If you move fast, you may be lucky enough to find an unoccupied Depot – new Depots are only guarded by the first Commander to take them, so finders-keepers!

Different Depots produce different amounts of different resources per hour, depending on their size. Every Depot has its own storage capacity. Storage capacity refers to the amount of resources that can be collected from the Depot during a 12-hour period. If you’ve just collected your Depot's resources, you must wait at least 1 hour before collecting them again. Remember that even after the storage is full, the Depot will continue producing resources, so be sure to check them regularly.

You can reconnoiter and occupy both your Enemies' and Partners' Depots. 

You can find more info on Depots in the Field Manual. Better get moving, mi amigo... 

-Mr. Black


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