Capture ZHG Mining Complexes!

Combine News


This war is just starting to heat up!

The battle for Mining Complexes is raging all over Zandia! I assume your Combine has already occupied a few by now? If so, good work – your reputation is on the line, but remember that Zheng Shi aren’t going to give up without a fight – expect heavy resistance and frequent counter-attacks!

Each time you succeed in repelling ZHG attacks, the Syndicate will reward your Combine with Syndicate Cash Bounties. These funds can be used to grant "Veteran" status to your Units. Veteran Units can take advantage of offset support costs and new kit, significantly increasing both their defensive and offensive performance while reducing their Ration consumption.

So! Setup overlapping fields of fire around those complexes, stock up on defensive Units, and invite the best operatives in Zandia to join your Combine! If Zheng Shi wants them, they’ll know where to find you.

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