Boost Drill Instructors!





Over the recent months, Syndicate Analytics have been carefully gathering data on battle reports. Their findings have been surprising; a large number of battles have come down to the final few seconds – or in some cases, the very last bullet.

By saving even a few minutes per day, our Analytics team predicts exponential growth in the amount of battles won – and they have targeted reducing the amount of time spent on Upgrading Drill Instructors and to improve your Units’ statistics.

The following training regime changes shall come into effect immediately:

All Commanders are now authorized to boost the speed of Drill Instructors application and Upgrades with the use of Diamonds.

There are two ways to boost them:

1. You can Upgrade instantly with the use of Diamonds.
2. By applying Boost items. Simply go to Black Market, choose the "Misc." section and find them on the Boost tab. You may also receive Boost items as rewards for completing Quests.

Commanders be advised: there is a new item available at the Black Market. The Assignment Chip is a special tool that allows you to reassign your Drill Instructors in the Training Program.

Even the greatest of Commanders are no more than human – humans make mistakes, and humans change their minds. If you have already assigned your Drill Instructors but wish to change your plan of operation or military strategy, you are authorized to use the Assignment Chip to train your army in the areas where you need it the most.

Monitor and change the speed, production time, and overall rations consumption of your Units and achieve ultimate control of your army!


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