Amazing Sick Bay Improvements!




Syndicate R&D has rolled out new and improved combat medic equipment. Thanks to better-stocked field kits and more potent medicines, more of your Units can be saved at the Sick Bay!

From now on, all Commanders can Revive up to 30% of their fallen Troops for FREE! Don't have a Sick Bay yet? Then build one - there's no time like the present! From the Sick Bay, you can freely Revive up to 30% of Troops lost in the defense of your Base.

A Level 1 Sick Bay will allow you to Revive 6% of Troops lost in the defense of your Base for FREE. Each time you upgrade the Sick Bay, you will increase the number of Troops you can freely restore by 2%, up to a maximum of 30%. Keep in mind that you may only use Sick Bay to Revive Troops lost in the defense of your Base. If you need to Revive Troops lost outside of your Base, you may do so at the Black Market with Diamonds.

Build or Upgrade your Sick Bay now to Revive more soldiers than ever before!


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