Soldiers Inc. – THE REGULATORS Clan Leader Interview

Meet: Karl Gessner – One of Soldiers Inc.’s best Defensive players


JB: Crack open a cold one and listen up! Today, I’m sitting in COMCEN with none other than Commander Gessner himself, one of Zandia’s most street-smart Commanders and a man who regularly finds himself riding high on Zheng Shi’s Official Monthly “Pain in the [redacted]” list!

So Commander, let’s get a bit of your backstory! What exactly happened to turn you into the ZHG-flattening machine you are today? For everyone listening at home; let’s start at the beginning!

KG: Roger that, JB! And from the beginning… Well, a long time ago, I was an Operations Officer in the “Evil Empire” Death Squad. I donated millions of Resources to their development and even implemented their command structure. With my help, the Combine basically dominated Zandia. Hey, no need to check the records, just believe me; we dominated. Anyway, that’s when they turned on me and removed me from the very Combine I’d worked so hard to help build. It was difficult; I endured weeks of relentless raids, and other Combines didn’t trust me – most flat-out refused to let me join them. The Leader of the “Evil Empire” even told me to quit and leave Zandia forever. I found myself isolated, with nobody to look to for help, so I decided to find others like me; others that had been persecuted by the treacherous blight that plagued Zandia. Soon, THE REGULATORS were born! We were weak, but we fought. Our armies have been decimated by the nefarious members of our former Combines, but we stay strong. Together, we will resist, fight, and grow stronger. Long live The Regulators!

JB: Dramatic, I like it! And your previous Combine just threw you awake like that… I personally hope you flatten the [redacted]! So with all that history behind you, you must have been playing a long time, am I right?

KG: Actually, not that long – I have only been playing Soldiers for about 6 months. I like the game for a lot of reasons; firstly because it’s a great challenge to build your Base and your army, all the while fighting off rival Commanders. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you’ve had to work hard to find the Resources needed to upgrade your Base and train Troops. Hell, even getting enough Resources to sustain your existing army is a challenge!

JB: Only 6 months and you’ve gone from Combine member, to recently exiled, to universal outcast, to founding your own Combine? Remind me not to plan things in advance when I’m around you! And to think, this was all on one server… So Karl, if I can call you that, have you tried playing on any of the other servers? I hear the Facebook server gets pretty intense!

KG: I wouldn’t know, JB! I’ve always played on the official server… If I’m honest, that gets heated enough for me anyway – you know my history! To tell you the truth, I stopped using Facebook altogether after I found all my old friends weren’t the same as they used to be… We talked and caught up, told each other how our lives had unfolded, but I found that our lives and interests had diverged so much that we no longer had much in common. After a while, I just got rid of Facebook completely. Anyway, enough of that talk – bring on the next question!

JB: I hear that! Sometimes you’ve just gotta move on and squash some ZHG heads, know what I mean? It always helps me move on, anyway… So, Commander – onto something more positive; your best experiences in Soldiers Inc.!

KG: My best experience isn’t really a single occurrence; I think the best part of Soldiers Inc. is the camaraderie that develops between you and your friends. Helping each other out in times of need – getting your defensive troops to your Combine brother’s Base just in time to defeat that incoming raid is something everyone has to experience. Then there are the times when you find an enemy spy in your Combine. You can start to feed them false information, like in a real war, and you can even start a war between your enemy and one of their allied Combines! Laying a trap like that is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding things you can experience in the game – if you manage it, of course; it’s not easy to get a whole Combine to believe the lies you’re feeding to a single spy… There are easier traps though; you can simply get them to raid an allied location, where you and your buddies will have the place filled with defensive troops. As you can tell, I just love tricking people and laying traps!

JB: Disinformation and traps – a Commander after my own heart… Even after years in this business, the look on a Commander’s face when he realizes he’s been set up never fails to make me grin! So, other than deceiving and tricking your rivals, how exactly do you go about your business in Zandia? Any tactics you’d like to share?

KG: Honestly, I think the best tactic is to find a core group of friends that are loyal to each other. Loyalty is the hardest thing to find in people in real life, and Soldiers Inc. is no different. In fact, it’s a game that actively promotes cooperation and team play. For specific battle tactics, my S&D mission tactics are to never fight ZHG with troops I cannot build. On top of that, only do one offensive and one defensive mission a day. I don’t know why, but doing them this way always seems to give me more troops – just don’t ask me to explain why!

JB: Listen, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Now, if you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinion and ask for some changes as to how things work in Zandia, this is your chance! What would you like to change in Soldiers Inc. and what would you like to see added to it in future?

KG: The first thing is a pet peeve of mine- I’d like real keyboard support; I’m talking short-cuts to open the Black Market, The Construction Window, The Map, Contract Referrals, and much more. I am a touch typist and I like keyboard short-cuts; they’re also much quicker and much more efficient than having to move your mouse to select options. Another feature I’d like added would be a better zoom function on the Map, so you could see a larger area and more Bases when looking for targets to raid. I think a lot of players would also appreciate a mail forwarding function, so we could share battle reports or mail directly with other players. In future, voice communication with your Combine would be incredible; I’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but it would make it much easier to coordinate group operations, and I think it would promote activity and unity within the game. Lastly, just for a bit of fun, wouldn’t it be cool to have “Bunker Busters”? Special bombs that would destroy ALL the Resources in an enemy’s bunker – might be a bit crazy, but I’d love to see what would happen!

JB: Bunker Busters sound interesting, to say the least… And considering your less-than stress-free past, I thought you’d have wanted a bit of a break from the wrath of hundreds of furious Commanders. Anyway, before we go, do you have any advice for new players?

KG: Yes sir! Newbies – don’t get discouraged! Don’t let the struggle get you down! At one time or another, everyone loses their entire army; it happens to the best of us. After all, this is war! My advice would be to find a good Combine, because Soldiers Inc. is all about team play and working together as a unit. Yes, you can play alone, but it’s basically impossible to succeed; there are some things that only Combines are able to do, and you miss out on all the fun and laughter of having teammates! The only thing you need to remember is that, whatever you do, you should always have fun!

JB: And there you have it – a special one-on-one interview with Commander Karl Gessner, one of Soldiers Inc.’s best! We hope you’ve enjoyed the interview and, if you’ve learned nothing else, remember that if Excellia Battlefield Systems, ZHG or anyone else ever develops a “Bunker Buster”, stay the [redacted] away from Karl! Watch your backs out there, Commanders!

JB and Commander Gessner, signing out!

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