Search and Destroy Missions

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by Commander Trevor German

Despite what you may think or what you have been told or shown, Search and Destroy missions in Soldiers Inc. are not a way to build a stronger army. If you chase them in the hope of winning big, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Yes, I know, there is a “bank” method you can use to predict when your next payout is due, and if you track what you invest versus what you receive over a long period of time, you will find that you pretty much break even or possibly even lose a few percentage points.

However, this method is merely a “rule of thumb” and was developed through experimental observation. It has not, as far as I can remember over the past three years, EVER been confirmed by a Plarium employee.

The true purpose of the S&D missions is twofold:

1. To gain experience points so you can level up.
2. To convert low-level light and heavies, which you can churn out of your Training Centre every day, into tanks and choppers.

By only sending what you can make using the free Resources you produce or raid every day, you will gain valuable experience as well as an occasional REFUND in the form of better Units. Since these Resources are free, you cannot lose. Sometimes it may take a little longer than the bank predicts for you to get your refund, but that does not really matter because the longer you have to wait, the better your refund will be.

You might be thinking that I just contradicted myself and that you can build a stronger army with S&Ds. I did not. There is another, often unconsidered, factor at play. Very few people take the time to count the number of Offensive or Defensive troops they burn off while knocking down the bank to get their next payout.

If they did they would soon realize that they actually spend quite a bit more Offensive and/or Defensive troops than they get back from the refund. The truth is that if you just want a huge amount of Offensive or Defensive points, simply building and bunkering would be quicker.

BUT WHO WANTS 100,000 Riflemen? 

So the smart players sacrifice their low-level Units and convert them into the good stuff.

Sending Armor and Aviation to Search and Destroy is, however, less beneficial or even counter-productive. That is, unless what you’re really after is XP (in a quest, a Combine Contract, or a Tournament). Sustained use of high value Units, however, will ultimately destroy your stock.

Case in point, here is my graph for the classic Maginniss Resource Bank shown at the top and the graph for strength points over the same period at the bottom. The decline, marked in red, represents Units I spent on S&Ds, and the incline, marked in green, represents Units I got in refunds.  

Search and Destroy Missions Graph

Two things to note:
1. The strength curve is continually declining.
2. If anything, the strength bank is a tad more consistent than the Resource one.

I am not suggesting that the latter is correct or even more appropriate, just highlighting that the current theory may be more of a coincidence than a rule.

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This article was written by player Trevor German who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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