Unit Values for Search & Destroy Missions

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MMO master Jeff Maginniss explains to maximize your rewards from Search & Destroy missions!

By Jeff Maginniss

Many people have been asking for this for a long time, so I thought it only fair that I finally deliver. Without further ado, here it is; my Unit Value calculator! In case you’re one of the people who haven’t asked for this and have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s simple; you can use this calculator to determine the best and most efficient way to carry out your Search & Destroy Missions in Soldiers Inc and maximize your rewards.

To start with, S&D missions pay rewards based on a credit system (basically, you get back what you put in). Every unit in the game has a value, and its value influences your possible rewards. With that said, here it is!

Soldiers Inc - Unit Values table

I know I know, it looks a little complicated… Let me try and break it down for you:

How To Read And Use This Chart

Simple: there are 3 columns for each unit, each representing the different methods we use for S&D missions. The 3 columns are based on:

- The game’s built in OP/DP rating for each unit: the OP/DP Method,

- The game’s assigned unit diamond values: the Diamond Method,

- The total resources required to build a single unit, per unit: the Resource Value Method.

The OP/DP rating is simple, and can be found on any unit send/recall screen, or from the unit production buildings under each unit’s information page. This is specified for each unit, including the Strategic Units. Having a fixed value to assign to rewards and units used in each battle is critical, and in fact what this method is based on.

The Diamond Method uses the diamond value assigned to every unit in the game. The actual diamond value can be found simply by looking at the field hospital (some units are not available for direct purchase at the Black Market, so you’ll need to get their values from the field hospital).  This is just an approximation, though; as you cannot simply double the values found at the field hospital, as some of the original diamond values are an odd number, meaning our approximations will not always be exact.

The Resource Value Method is the method I use, and have personally found great success with. Each unit you build has a specific value of fuel, munitions, rations or thulium (which is comprised of fuel + ammo). Since veteran (and syndicate) units have the same diamond value as their regular counterpart, veteran and syndicate units are given the same value. A complex formula was used to extrapolate information and approximate the true resource values of strategic units, through extensive trial and error and cross-comparison with other known unit values, including their OP/DP and Diamond values.

Drill instructors and resource rewards are provided as accurately as we could get, given our extensive testing, but we cannot say they are perfect.

In theory, any fixed value can work to calculate a reward value. We can also use unit quantity in these equations, but only when units are given as a reward.


So there you have it; a simple explanation of my Unit Value calculator! Run some tests, see which method works best for you and share it with your friends and combine members!

The more people we have that understand S&D missions properly, the more successful players we’ll have in the game and the more they’ll stick around!

Remember, this is only my experiences, and your mileage may vary, particularly when approximations have been used. Use this method to repay your bank and earn massive rewards; using syndicate or strategy units to repay your bank is not advised, but it does work. Plarium indicated that the only unit without value in these calculations is the Mercenary, as it’s a completely free unit.

Good luck! Let me know how you find everything!

This article was written by Jeff Maginniss, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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