Know Your Report Icons!

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By Jeff Maginniss

Listen up and take a knee, Commanders.

Battle Reports are your key to maintaining battlefield situational awareness – but you can’t use ‘em if you can’t read ‘em. All key information you need to know will be displayed in your Battle Reports using Report Icons. These icons represent information on how the battle has impacted your placement in the Rankings, any special items you may have recovered, and how many experience points you’ve gained from the encounter.

Not getting rewards from Global Contracts? Maybe you’re holding the map upside-down.

Our resident Soldiers Inc. pro, Jeff Maginniss, has put together this convenient field manual for quick and easy reference for all Syndicate contractors operating in the Zandian combat theatre.

Learn it. Memorize it. This information might save your life.

OR you can save the image on your computer and have it on your desktop:

Report Icons

Offensive Ranking Points

1Offensive Ranking Points are awarded for destroying an enemy player’s units.
Simply put: The more toys you break, the higher the score…

Occupation Ranking Points


By occupying enemy bases, depots and mining complexes, you earn Occupation Ranking Points.
Recon the area and attack the weak points. The more they resist, the greater the damage will be.

Defensive Ranking Points


Defensive Ranking Points are given for attacking units that fall in battle.
Stack your defense, make sure it’s well balanced and earn some serious defensive points for repelling the attackers.

Raid Ranking Points

4Who steals the cookies from the kitchen? You do, commander. Earn a Raid ranking point for each resource stolen.
Pile on the high capacity units for maximum gains. Raiding is the ultimate way to gather resources for your operation.

Zheng Shi Ranking Points

5When you’re not kicking the tail of the enemy, you should be giving the Zheng Shi a run for their money.
Destroying Zheng Shi while attacking or defending Search & Destroy missions will net you Zheng Shi Ranking Points.

Player vs. Player Ranking Points

6Active during the Mano-a-Mano campaigns, these PvP points are gathered as you attempt to reach payout points.
Not only do you win bragging rights, but can also win extremely rare equipment and other bonuses.

Global Contract Items

7Depending on the active global contract, the actual icon will change to more accurately represent the mission.
Collecting these items will raise your rank within your class as you compete to earn diamonds and bragging rights.

Experience Points Earned

8If you break enough toys, repel enough enemies, loot goodies or make enough noise, you earn experience points.
Experience points are used to raise your player rank, earn drill instructors, business cards, diamonds and respect.

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This article was written by Jeff Maginniss, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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