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This short article is NOT a step-by-step walkthrough -  I have simply explained some concepts and provided some potentially useful advice for those who are inexperienced in this online game. Here are some basic considerations, first:

A) This online social game (Soldiers Inc) is one of the most (if not the single most) challenging game in the internet universe. So, you absolutely cannot expect to have an easy time in this online game.

B) This is a REAL WAR game, full of ruthless mercenaries, ready to sell your skin just to score some oil barrels or box of ammunitions.

C) While survival in Zandia is a challenge, it is one of the most fascinating experiences you will ever face, and will require complex military tactics and strategies.

The Syndicate has introduced “Protocols”, available through the UCAV deck, that allow each player to select from a very large number of key bonuses for development and/or combat - without other players being able to see. 

A key aspect of the new development is that a player’s active Protocols can be changed every 3 hours, and nobody in the Zandian world can know what Protocols you have active at any given time!

Hint: Veteran players know about this and can use this new customization tool to their advantage by changing their Protocols every 3 hours. This becomes a fundamental aspect of their strategic system.

A player with well-developed Protocols can benefit from significant bonuses in many aspects, such as increasing Resource production (including Thulium), increasing the training speed of their Troops, increasing their Base Defence bonus and many more other aspects.

But that’s not all! Using special Access Codes, a player can get excellent instantaneous bonuses - lots of new troops (including Recons Units) immediately, parcels of Resources, and many other options.

The more exceptional aspect of this new implementation is the possible activation of up to six Protocols simultaneously, potentially changing the game's parameters so much that it’ll have a very significant impact on the strategies and tactics used by every single player!

Developing these Protocols to the highest levels and finding a way to keep them constantly active is vital to your Base’s performance in Soldiers Inc! ... and remember: nobody (really - nobody!) can know which Protocols (or even how many) you have active at any given time!

Last but not least: I'm a player, not an instructor! I do not provide assistance, can not explain in detail, and cannot reveal any secret strategies! Think hard to determine your own strategies, and remember that you can and should always look for advice and help within your Combine (for your sake, I hope you’ve already signed up to join one)!

This article was written by player GUL VEGA, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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