Maximum Mercenaries!

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In-Depth Feature Strategy Analysis

by Jeff Maginniss

Everyone’s favorite Mercenary is normally capped at 50 for new commanders. Mercenaries have an Offensive Unit designation; however they have a DP of 60 and an OP of 50. Leaving Mercenaries out on your base while you are away to take advantage of the wall defense bonus that would normally be bypassed if NO units were present during a raid.
This Training Program is simple: Every 2 Drill Instructors invested in Maximum Mercenaries will increase your total Mercenary force by 1, to a maximum additional 20 units, raising the capacity to 70 Mercenaries in total.

Feature Strategy Analysis   Maximum Mercenaries


Attackers receive ZERO experience-points for killing your Mercenaries that are defending your base while you are away.  Increasing the Maximum Mercenary limit to 70 is strongly recommended for casual, beginner or intermediate commanders who are looking for any edge they can get.

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