Maximum Depots

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By Jeff Maginniss

Adds up to 1 additional Depot to control a total of 3

Depots can be approached as a source of income, a unit trap drawing the enemy into large battles, or as a way of denying them access to logistics. To capture a Depot, a commander must meet the following two criteria:

  • Radar is constructed.
  • Tracking Center is constructed.

By leveling the Tracking center to Level 6, a commander can attack and/or control up to two Depots at one time. Maximum Depots lets a commander invest 30 Drill Instructors to add an additional 1 Depot over their current limit.  All prerequisites must be met in addition to full training of Maximum Depots.

The tracking Center


The prospect of controlling 3 Depots seems attractive, however, the more you stretch your forces out, the harder it becomes to support multiple fronts. This is a recommended option for end-game scenarios, where a commander may want to reassign 30 Drill Instructors from Ration Consumption and place them into Maximum Depots. 

This is not recommended for beginners or commanders who cannot produce Firedrakes.

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