Soldiers lnc. Moderator Interview with Robert Shatz

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Player: Robert Stanley Shatz

Game: Soldiers: Inc.

1. For how long have you been playing Soldiers: Inc.?

I started playing Soldier Inc over 8 years ago. The game was barely 1 month old on FB when I started.

2. Do you remember the moment when you started playing the game? How did it happen?

I was scrolling the FB list of games looking for a game that would test my abilities, a strategy game that would require a careful planning to achieve/establish a good game. I was lucky and the first Combine I joined was CEOd by a Plarium Moderator, Glenn Mellor. Glenn taught me the right way to play and advance in this game. His teaching and wisdom have helped me along the way. There were also several other Moderators in Per Terrum Combine and these guys taught me the right way to play. There is a right way and a wrong way. They soon pointed that out, and I grew in strength.

3. When you started playing the game did you think about moderating Group/Forum?

When I first started playing I had no idea that I would one day be a Plarium Moderator. Since I have become a Moderator I see things clearer than I did when I was only a player. Plarium is always looking for ways to improve the game and enhance the playing enjoyment but with so many different types/kinds of people to please, it sometimes is hard. What 1 person does like there usually is one who doesn't. We must learn to give and take. Enjoy the good and let the others slide by us.

4. For how long have you been moderating game’s Group/Forum?

I have been a Moderator for about 4 years

5. What do you like most of all in your moderators’ duties?

I like to help others. If they have a question, I want to give them a correct/ detailed answer. I appreciate the support that Plarium give their Moderators. We may not know the answer at first, but we know where we can ask and that Plarium is always there

6. Let’s talk about your real life a little bit Do you have any other hobbies other than games? What is your real life job? Tell us a little bit more about yourself

My life is pretty simple. I am a Fireman. Married to a wonderful Lady, and blessed with 2 children, a daughter (9) and a son (4). I like to skeet shoot and love to bar-b-que. When it comes to a grill, I'm the boss, lol. I love to go Kayaking. That is a family adventure. I have my 9 ft. Kayak and my wife's Kayak is 7 ft...My son rides with me and my daughter has her own Kayak that is tied to her moms when we are on the lake. Needless to say - Lifejackets are a must!

7. Any other comments you have.

I hope to continue to be a Plarium Moderator for a long time. As the game grows, we grow. I guess the best piece of advise that Glenn ever imparted to me, I want to leave with all here today. So you are being Raided, then Bunker up, spend down and let them hit AIR. If they get 0 from you they'll move away. Play smart and live to fight another day. You pick your battles. You draw the line. Thank you to everyone I have/do enjoy serving you. I will be here if you ever need me.

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