A Guide to the Finer Mechanics

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This guide provides a summary of some very simple mechanics that are sometimes misunderstood when first experienced. These can lead some users to jump to conclusions about bugs, or even game bias. Hopefully I can explain a few things!

1) Killing Offensive Units earns fewer PvP Points

A common misconception is that PvP Points are awarded based on how strong a Unit is. By this logic, killing Offensive Units should give you equal, or even more, PvP Points than killing Defensive ones. This is a misconception: when Offensive Units defend, only their defensive power statistic is taken into account. As Offensive Units are usually much less effective at defending than attacking (although high Level Contracts can fix this imbalance somewhat), they are worth fewer PvP Points when defending than when they die attacking your Defensive Units. 

Some players feel cheated by this mechanic when sending Missiles. In some situations, the player sending the attack will find it has earned them relatively few PvP points, as the Units the Missile killed were offensive. 

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2) Occupation Mechanics

This is perhaps one of the most important mechanics in the game, and is often misunderstood. Unlike Raid mechanics, Occupation mechanics work on an overwhelming force model. This means that if you send an army that greatly outstrips your opponent's strength, you will begin to see your loss ratios decreasing the more Units you send (i.e. it will take fewer of your Units to destroy the enemy’s). This mechanic is present not only when Occupying Bases, but also at Mining Complexes, Combine HQs, Repositories and Depots.

This mechanic only really becomes visible once one side is roughly 5 times stronger, with more noticeable results apparent when the one army is bigger by a factor of 10. The best way to test this out is by using low-cost units with a friend. This way you can learn the exact mechanics and make them work for you, at the minimum cost! 

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3) Differences in Tournament Rewards

After successfully participating in a Tournament, you are often given a choice between Offensive and Defensive Units as a Reward. As Offensive Units are generally more expensive to hire, it only makes sense to claim Defensive Units if the number of Defensive Units is two or more time higher than the Offensive number. This can also be useful if you plan to pile Units into Locations, as you will get more out of them. Even if you are an Offense player, you may still be better off choosing a Defensive Reward from a Tournament and then converting these Units to Offensive ones through battling at Locations. 

The downside to the last solution is that you can’t control the type of Unit that will be given to you as a Reward, and you may even have to attack even more Locations to correct this. However, in general, even with a second loading you will still make a net profit, but the randomness of the Rewards may hinder you. Randomness generally affects Locations of Level 20-40, as below this the Rewards are made up mainly of Heavy Infantry or Light Infantry Units. 

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4) Memory Leak

Sometimes the game crashes at a certain point or becomes much slower, especially when you are completing Locations or looking at the Map. The reason for this is a memory leak, which means the memory the game uses constantly increases until it finally crashes or you close or refresh it. 

To see the effects of the game on your computer’s memory, open task manager (on Windows) and look for your browser. You will probably notice that this one process uses much more energy than the others.To fix the issue, simply refresh the game, and you will see this number slowly drop, until reaching a few 100 MB.

This article was written by player INAGINNI, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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