SOLDIERS INC. – It’s all about the Combine interaction!

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by A.R

I’ve got a Spanish woman to the North-East of me relentlessly attacking, an Estonian guy to the South-East who seems to only want to raid and steal my supplies at 0300h local time and I’m in Ukraine wondering how I can get more ‘Diamonds’ as I really need more tanks and air-support….

Welcome to Soldiers Inc! Soldiers Inc. is a MMO (Massively Multi-player Online game) - and it ROCKS!

Essentially the game is a case of build up your base, defend it and destroy your enemy, in this case Zheng-zhi and his raiding contract hordes and for the most part it is a rather routine process of receive missions, complete missions and in the meantime build up your base and forces to dominate your territory. So in this case Soldiers Inc. is really no different to many previous games going all the way back to Sid Meir’s Civilization and Age of Empires – Build it, defend it, destroy all around you!

Sounds easy enough, but here is the difference – Soldiers Inc. is not about being a single player and beating an AI enemy, it’s all about the joining a team of strangers, chatting and planning online and joining a team. Without the willingness to place yourself in the uncomfortable position of communicating with a total stranger online, without the acceptance to join a team and be part of a hierarchy; then the game’s best aspects are lost on the player. 
I can play as a solitary player, build stuff and do the routine daily tasks for my allotted hour per day, but I will not experience what the aim of MMO is – Global interaction! 

I actually had never played an MMO before the last week and was challenged by a friend to give it a go. Being 42 years old and therefore not being up to date with these types of games, I proceeded through the game in solitary with the same attitude I would have had for Civilization 30 years ago. It was not until the 3rd day I got it – the real fun, the real action is in the communication between players, joining usually your fellow countrymen, or at least players with your native language and then rocking on to achieve calculated missions. The combination of planning, organization, allocation and team building are just some of the positive human traits in this world; but you know what…’s just damn fun to interact with dudes and dudettes from all over the world you have never, and may never meet.

So my recommendation; give it a go, try it but remember without joining the true online world and being part of a global team, you just will not get the full experience or value of playing an MMO.

Sorry I‘ve got to go and review my application to join the Combine I want (yes there is an application form with requirements!).

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