Combine HQ Video Tutorial

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A Combine HQ is a special building constructed by the Combine’s CEO, and serves as a hub for all Combine members. The new Combine HQs will grant all Combine members various bonuses, provide more Dominance points, and might just be the extra edge you need to finally crush the rival Combines you’re constantly at war with.

Once built, the Combine HQ will start at level 3, but can be upgraded up to level 20.  The higher the Level of your Combine HQ, the greater the bonuses it is able to provide to your Combine Members. Upgrading is done by investing Battle Marks and completing other objectives. Battle Marks can be earned by participating in certain Tournaments, or purchased directly from the “Info” tab of your Combine HQ. However, an upgrade isn’t permanent, and your HQ will be leveled down if you don’t protect it from enemy attacks.

Of course, you can attack other HQs to downgrade them and rob your enemies of much needed bonuses. More often than not, downgrading an enemy HQ is one of the requisites for upgrading yours, so it’s a win-win situation - at least for you and your Combine!

Apart from the great bonuses to Units and Resources, having an HQ also lets a Combine research new Combine Technologies. These provide many different bonuses to the armies of all members of the Combine, and cannot be downgraded once unlocked. In order to research and upgrade a Technology, a Combine will need to use Tech Chips. These can be obtained from completing Combine Contracts and participating in Tournaments, or by purchasing them with Diamonds.

Watch the short introductory video to learn all about Combine HQ in Soldiers Inc. Then, be sure to report to your Combine CEO and get one of these locations built ASAP, if you don’t already have one!

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