Tis a big ocean out there, me boy- ye'll be needin' more than a map n' compass to find all them rich Targets with plunder for th' takin'. Build yeself a Lighthouse to scour the horizon for likely new Targets - the more ye upgrade it, the father ye can search! Ye'll also need Galleons, Letters o' Marque (so 'tis all nice n' legal-like) n' underwriters w' deep pockets to fund your merry venture. Build Whitmore & Co. (the finest name in quasi-legal venture mercantilism) to get underway!

Ye can organize the plunderin' o' any Target ye capture from yer Pirate Stronghold. Each one will bear ye a steady flow o' Resources or Rubies - if ye don't botch it up.

Use yer Offensive Units t' capture a Target, n' Defensive units to run off any would-be raiders. This includes yer Hearties n' Shipmates - they may be yer mates, but they still be Pyrates! (So are ye, incidentally - so all's fair if you happen to take a fancy t' one o' theirs).

If fortune be smilin' upon ye, ye may find a vacant Target. These rare prizes be undefended, so if ye see one - set sail! 'Tis first-come, first-served!

Different Targets bear different Resources (or Rubies). They also be yieldin' up their riches at different rates per hour, accordin' to their size. The Size o' the Haul be the amount o' Resources collected from yer Target every dozen turns o' th' hourglass, n' differs from Target t' Target. Each time ye claim booty gathered at yer Target, ye must wait 'nuther turn o' th' hourglass 'afore ye can come back fer more. Ye'd be wise t' do this often! Once th' storage at th' Target be full, all them extra Resources just go overboard!

Scout, Capture, n' Plunder Target's to yer hearts content - be it yer Enemies' or Shipmates' - the choice be yers. Stay abreast o' Target goings-on by readin' yer Master at Arms n' Envoys reports.

Ye can find more detailed talk regardin' Targets in Ye Olde Help Menu.

When ye rob a man, 'tis a crime - when ye plunder the whole Caribbee - ye be an Entrepreneur!
Take what's yers!
Capt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley