Ahoy, Cap'n!

Hidden somewhere deep in the forgotten places of the world's oceans lay powerful Relics from across the centuries. Any Captain lucky enough to find them may harness their arcane powers towards crushing his rivals and satisfying his lust for gold and glory! Read on to learn how to find them, claim them, and use them to your advantage.

First you'll need to build a Skeleton Cave to keep your treasures safe and away from prying eyes. Once you've got the cave - and eaten or burned the map - you can set about collecting Relics.

There are two ways to find Relics. Now and again your men will recover one following a Battle. (Win or lose the odds are the same - so the more you fight, the better your chances.) The main sources of Relics, however, are mysterious secret islands hidden across the Ocean. The Spire of Atlantis, the Lost Temple, Blackbeard's Cove, and the floating city of Cibola Aquaticus are all rumored to hide precious Relics. Find them using your Lighthouse, capture them, and have your men search them top to bottom. For every hour that you keep them under your dominion, your chances of successfully recovering a Relic will increase.

Any Relics you find will be stowed away in your Ship's Hold, where they will be safe for up to 2 days. If you don't move your prize into the Chamber of Relics in your Skeleton Cave within that time, your crew will steal it. You can open additional slots in the Chamber of Relics by inviting friends or using Rubies. To begin using a Relic, place it on the Activation Board and press "Activate". You can find more information about the attributes of your Relics in the panel in the right top corner.

The Relics attributes fall under the following three general categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Production. Offensive Relics boost the stats of Offensive Units, while Defensive Relics improve the stats of Defensive Units. Production Relics improve Resource Production, Haven Defense Bonus, etc. The Activation Board has only 2 slots for each category, so use them wisely.

Relics have different durations, but can generally be classified as either Temporary or Permanent. Permanent Relics can be moved between the Activation Board and the Chamber of Relics at any time, as many times as you like. Temporary Relics are single-use only, and will expire after a set period of time. Once remove from the Activation Board, they're gone for good.

Relics can also be rated as either Basic or Advanced. Basic Relics possess small but purely positive effects. Advanced Relics offer a tradeoff of both strong positive and negative effects.

The strength of a Relic's attributes is measured in proportion to its rarity (Common, Rare, Unique, Lost, and Legendary). The harder it is to find, the stronger its effect.

Remember: you aren't the only one searching for these lost treasures! As with Targets, you must defend your find before you can claim your rewards – so to get out there, and to the victor go the spoils!

Piratically Yours,

Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley