Prestige Status!



Ahoy Captain!

Aye, a fearsome Pirate ye may be, but ye can't sail far without Prestige! These here Prestige Points will be helpin’ ye make a name for yerself. Us pirates honor those among us who have the Prestige!

Yer Prestige Status gives ye powerful Bonuses, improve Units' stats and helps ye increase different capabilities of yer Haven within the sea lanes. Keep on logging in to the game from day to day to earn more Prestige Points!

Ye be needin’ to collect a set number of Prestige Points and Prestige Activators in order to activate yer Prestige Status. Ye can earn Prestige Activators as rewards by participating in game events or purchase them at the Smuggler's Den by opening the "Misc" tab.

Yer Prestige Status must be "Active" in order for ye to reap its benefits, so remember to check yer Prestige Status statistics and activate straight away. To do so go to the Smuggler's Den, open the "Misc" tab and click "Apply" next to the Prestige Activator.

Yer Prestige Status features multiple Levels. Click the "Prestige" icon on the top menu to view the Prestige Progress Bar along with the number of Points you need for the next Prestige Level. The Prestige window displays the following information:

- total number of Prestige Points
- Prestige progress bar which feature multiple levels
- your current Prestige Level
- remaining time until your Prestige Status expires and should be re-activated
- number of Prestige Points you will receive with the next login
- Prestige Run which shows the number of day you play in a row

Upon completion of each Prestige Level, you will be rewarded with increasing Bonuses, boosts and other rewards. So bear in mind, Captain - the higher your Prestige Level, the better your rewards!

Your Pirate Queen,

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley