Ahoy, Captain!

The Presidios await their new Masters! Who shall it be? You and your brave Pirate Brethren… or the ruthless forces of the Spanish Armada? Then let the battle for the Caribbean begin!

The Presidios are fortresses left by the Spanish across the Caribbean during their conquest of the New World. Your ability to capture, hold, and develop the Presidios will determine your Brotherhood's standing and dominion over the Spanish Main. No Captain can do it alone - to join the fight you must ally with an existing Brotherhood, or start your own.

The Dominion Map is a new scale displaying Brotherhood Dominions according to the amount of territorial waters they control from their Presidios. To view the Dominion Map, go to the Map and select one of the scale buttons in the upper right corner of the screen (just below the "Haven" button).

Presidios can be found scattered across the Spanish Main. They may be heavily defended by Spanish garrisons or rival Brotherhoods - so plan your attack wisely.

Upgrading your Presidio increases the area it controls; raises its Defensive Bonus against attacks; increases the efficiency at which it earns King's Pardons and the number it can issue; and broadens the range of Unit types it can Pardon.

King Carlos-Ferdinand IV of Spain, Emperor of New Spain, Haiti, Hispaniola, etc. has sworn upon his crown to reclaim the Presidios, exterminate every buccaneer he finds, and end the Age of Piracy once and for all...

Fortunately for you, the British Crown has made a secret offer to any Gentleman of Fortune willing to fight the Spaniard - Letters of Marque offering the King's Pardon as a reward for every Spanish sailor defeated in the battle over the Presidios. Units who receive the King's Pardon are forgiven all past crimes, boast higher defensive and offensive statistics, and cost far less to maintain than regular forces.

Go to the Brethren Court and open the 'Presidios' tab to manage your Brotherhood's captured Presidios. You can get updates about your Brotherhood's Presidios from your Master at Arms' reports. The Merchant will inform you about Resource deliveries to your Presidios.

You can find more info on Presidios in the Help Window.

Good luck to you, me buckos! Show the villainous dogs this is one fight they should have stayed home for! May the wind fill your sails… and to the victor go the spoils!

Capt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley