New Item – Scholar!



Aye Aye Captain!

Ye’ve clearly been strokin’ yer lucky parrot! There be a new Item fer ye t’ experiment wit’ – the Scholar!

Afore, Captains be limited to discovering or upgrading just one Discovery at a time. However, purchasin’ and activatin’ a Scholar will grant yer Haven extra power, allowing ye t’ work on two Discoveries at once!

This new Item only be available as part of Special Offer packages and cannot be obtained on its own from the Smuggler’s Den. Make sure t’ be checkin’ yer Special Offers regularly!

If a Special Offer containing the new Item be currently active, there will be a special icon whenever yer view a Discovery. Clickin’ will take ye to the Bank, directly to the Special Offer in which the Scholar can be found. From there, simply make yer purchase to take advantage of all the benefits your new Scholar will yield!

After ye have purchased yer Scholar, ye will need to activate it. To do this, go to Smuggler’s Den > Misc. > Special, and click on the “Apply” button next to the Item. Alternatively, ye can activate yer Scholar directly from the Discoveries window.

Yer Scholar will benefit your Haven fer 7 days after it be activated.

Although it be impossible to extend the duration of yer Scholar any Discoveries bein’ discovered or upgraded at the time of this Item’s expiration will continue until finished

Fer example, if yer Scholar has 1 hour remaining, and you order the upgrade of a Discovery lastin’ 2 hours, yer Scholar will still finish the job.

Use yer Scholars wisely! Ye could be on the brink of some awesome Discoveries!

Cap'n ""Bonnie"" Anne O'Malley