New Feature: Whirlpools o' Relocation!

Ahoy, Captains!

Have yer neighbors been pesterin’ ye? Mayhaps some scoundrels have scouted ye out, and yer needin’ a safer place to hide loot? If yer itchin’ to drop anchor elsewhere, I have great news, Matey!

From now on, ye can relocate yer Haven to a new spot on the Map by usin’ a Whirlpool o' Relocation! On the Map, ye should see new islands marked as Vacant Lots. These be designated locations where ye can move yer Haven. When a Haven is relocated, it leaves behind a Vacant Lot. Vacant Lots can’t be raided, blockaded, scouted, etc.

Whirlpools o' Relocation be special Items that are used to change the location of a Haven. There be 2 types of Whirlpools:

1. A Whirlpool o' Chance can be used to relocate a Haven to a RANDOM Vacant Lot.
2. A Whirlpool o' Fate can be used to relocate a Haven to a specific Vacant Lot.

After relocatin’ yer Haven, ye will need to wait about 5 minutes before ye can use another Relocation Whirlpool.

BE ADVISED: Once ye relocate yer Haven, ye CANNOT move it back to its previous coordinates.

To get one o’ these new Items, go to the “Misc.” section at the Smuggler's Den, select the “Special” tab, then choose the Item ye would like to purchase.

Dive boldly into a Whirlpool o' Relocation! Expand yer horizons and improve yer Haven’s strategic value!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie