More Prizes Now Available!



Ahoy Captains!

I have two bits o' news for ye - a good bit and a bad bit. The good news be that the number o’ Spanish scallywags ye scalloped be impressively high! However the bad news be that Carlos-Ferdinand has taken notice that some o’ his ships be missin`. He’s started sendin’ even more o’ his doomed-to-be-sunk vessels! This made us call a scurvy Pirate Convention, upon which everyone o’ us voted to change the limit o’ Prizes ye be able to Raid! So yeah, I lied to ye - this be the second piece of good news!

From now on, ye can attack or defend up to 60 Prizes per day! Half o’ these be Offensive and the other half Defensive. Every day at 00:00 UTC the number o’ Prizes ye be able to Raid will be updated. NOTE: ye can't get more than 60 Prizes per day - the number o’ Prize Missions ye failed to complete yesterday won't be added to 60 more but instead will be deducted from the 60 ye would have received if ye had completed all o’ them. Savvy?

For example, if ye fail to complete 27 Prizes one day (meaning ye do complete 33), the next day these 27 be added to 33 fresh new ones! Just as before, ye will be able to level up yer Prizes as many as 12 times per day. Just don't lose yer head - each level o’ a Prize be guarded by an even greater number o’ Spanish ships.

Seize yer opportunity at Prizes before King Carlos-Ferdinand IV regains his bloody hold on `em!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley