Dark Corsairs!



The oceans be full o' foul monsters n' ghostly apparitions fit t' chill th' very marrow o' yer bones! Why not harness the arcane lore o' the ancient Compendium Necromancis (trans. "Raisin' th' Dead for Fun n' Profit") to put 'em t' work fer you?

With th' help o' yer Shipmates n' Friends, ye can raise a foul army o' Dark Corsairs! Dark Corsairs be the grisly Skeletons o' wicked Pyrates that yer Friends can summon t' yer service. They be fit fer both Offense and Defense, carry an uncanny amount o' Resources durin' Raids, cost no Resources, n' have no thirst fer Rum! Summon 'em (if ye dare) by buildin' a Haunted Cemetery.

1. Go to the "Construction" menu.
2. Open the "Naval" tab.
3. Select the Haunted Cemetery and click "Build".
4. Choose an area inside your Haven and start building.

Ye can Summon 3 Dark Corsairs each day. Go to the Haunted Cemetery and click "Summon Dark Corsair" t' give a friend the Black Spot o' one o' th' dead Pyrates in yer Cemetery. He who holds th' Black Spot anchors th' corpse in the world o' the livin' - but only you can give it orders. Click "Invite Friends" to invite more Hearties. The more Hearties ye have, the more Dark Corsairs they can raise for ye!

Besides th' three Dark Corsairs ye can raise yerself, your Hearties can summon more to yer crew by visiting yer Haven n' clicking "Summon Dark Corsair" above Yer Haunted cemetery. Ye and yer Hearties can summon up to 50 Dark Corsairs at a time.

Should yer Dark Corsairs fall in battle, their Black Spots return to the Haunted Cemetery and ye have only t' Summon 'em back th' next day. Check th' number o' Black Spots ye have remainin' at the Haunted Cemetery. Here Ye can also cast an eye over th' current particulars o' your Dark Corsairs by clicking the "Dark Corsair" icon. As with th' rest o' yer units, ye can command yer Dark Corsairs from the Pirate Stronghold.

Klaatu Barada Necktie,
Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley