Boost Pearl Application And Upgrades!




Day in ‘n’ day out, life and death on the Seven Seas often be comin’ down to the final few seconds.

Luckily – and largely because of a few days spent in a rum-induced stupor - our shamans have managed to come up with a way to shave a lot o’ time off yer preparations.

No Captain in the Seas must spend so much o’ their time applying and Updating Pearls any longer.

From today, all Captains are able to Boost the speed of Pearl application and Upgrades with the use o' Rubies!

There are two ways to boost them:

1. Ye can Upgrade instantly with the use o' Rubies.
2. By applying Boost items. Simply go to Smuggler's Den, choose the "Misc." section and find them on the Boost tab. Ye may also receive Boost items as rewards for completing Quests.

These Upgrade Boosts can make the difference between life 'n' death out there, Captains – so don’t be shy to use them!

A new item is now available at the Smuggler's Den – the Witch Doctor’s Cane.

The Witch Doctor's Cane is a special tool that allows you to redistribute Pearls on the Upgrade Tree!

If ye’ve already put yer Pearls on the Upgrade Tree, but ye’ve had a change of heart and fancy goin’ about yer piratin’ in a new way, this item be fer you! You can use the Witch Doctor’s Cane and reinforce yer fleet in the way you need it the most!

Be alterin’ the speed, production time and overall rum consumption of your Units. Now ye can control yer fleet down to the tiniest o’ hairs on their beards!

Make use of this and rule the Seven Seas!

Piratically yours,
“Bonnie” Anne O’Malley