The Witch Doctor’s Hut

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Opinion by Captain Glenn Mellor

The Witch Doctor’s Hut is a very beneficial part of the game. It is also a much underutilized strategy by all players regardless of level or experience. The aim of the Witch Doctor's Hut is for you to get the most out of your Pearl allocation as you earn them throughout the Pirates game. I recommend that new players work down the central "spine" of the Witch Doctor's Hut when allocating Pearls until you get to Frigate Speed (you can see the icon in the image below).

witch doctor's hut

Above you can see an image of the Witch Doctors Hut, and in Group V - Frigate Speed

Frigate Speed

Once you have upgraded the spine of the Witch Doctor’s Hut to Group V, you will want to continue straight down until you reach the icon for “Frigate Speed”. Once you have completed Frigate Speed, it will unlock a further 4 Icons, and this is what you are aiming for as the real benefits unfold. Let's look at these extensions individually now. The four Icons we shall discuss are: Rum Consumption, Maximum Targets, Pardoning Cost and Combat Experience.

Rum Consumption

Rum Consumption will provide you with a reduction in Rum consumption up to a maximum of 10% forever.

Maximum Targets

Maximum Targets allows you to increase you resource collection ranging from Rum, Gold and Rubies as well as Lumber Relic Mills and Gear Mills.

Pardoning Cost

Pardons are given by the Brotherhood Leader to their members in order to help them reduce their Rum Consumption of their Units. It also has a positive effect on their Defensive and Offensive strength. The more Pardoned Units you have the more units you can build and therefore the bigger your Pirate Fleet!

Combat Experience

Well if you are like me you will measure success in terms of "Levelling" (how high your personal game level is). As in most games, the higher the level the more successful you are. By raising the level of Combat Experience through allocation of Pearls you are able to receive an extra 20% XPs on all your Raids that return XPs!

witch doctor's hut


You have a one-time offer to modify your Pearl allocation within the Witch Doctor's Hut. By adjusting your Pearl allocation you can vastly modify your ability to increase your XPs and Rum consumption. If you take my advice and conduct the re-allocation as suggested, you will then have the ability to increase the size of your Crew vastly. You will also be able to hold up to 3 Targets simultaneously which can provide you with a 33% increase in returns from Targets. Remember, patience is the key to enjoying the game for years to come, look out soon for some more tips and strategy on how to make the most out of Pirates: Tides of Fortune.

Cheers, Glenn Mellor

Glenn Mellor is the proud Captain of his first mate, the love of his life and a crew of 6 children as well as his pride and joy - 2 grandchildren, his 3 year old Piratin' grand-daughter first-officer and new boson's-mate, grandson Jacob! A mad "Pompey' Portsmouth FC supporter, Glenn has been sailing on the Seven Seas of Pirates: Tides of Fortune for over 2 years now. A courteous and supportive leader of the "Retribution" Brotherhood within the game, Glenn is well known and respected within the MMO Social Gaming fraternities of all Plarium Games, both in-game and within the gaming community forums.

This article was written by Glenn Mellor, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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