Presidio vs Bastion - Which is better?

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In Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Both a presidio and Bastion give you Influence Points, which will increase your Brotherhood's standing in the Brotherhood Rankings.


At Level 5, they offer everyone's Units a 25% defensive boost. This helps your Brotherhood in defending both against King Carlos and, mainly, against those attacking you - whether they be pot shots for PvP points or a rival Brotherhood trying to take your Presidio for themselves. However, a Presidio can also gain more defense on top of that - either 10% or 20%. 

20% - Gained by having a Unified Presidio. To get a Unified Presidio you must have control over 5 Presidios - specifically, 4 Presidios surrounding one in the center. The central Presidio will gain the defensive boost. This will also yield a 20% bonus to your territory.

10% - Gained by having 3 Presidios in a straight line. This bonus applies to the central Presidio. This also gives you a 10% territory bonus.

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King Carlos will send attacks to your Presidio generally twice per day. This gives your Brotherhood Pardons if you fend his forces off. Pardons give a bonus to the statistics of your troops, and also cut Rum consumption by 50%. It’s best to start by pardoning Armada Units first. Remember to let your crew know that the battle reports they receive are going to everyone, and that those Pardons are shared among the entire crew.  The Pardon cost can be reduced by 50% if you apply 50 Pearls at the Witch Doctor’s Hut. A second way is by reaching a Brotherhood Achievement.

Brotherhood Achievements 

Presidios can help you earn several Brotherhood Achievements, which give you Influence Points, and depending on the Achievement, sometimes a defensive boost. There are a number of things you can get Achievements for: taking milestone numbers of Pardons, capturing a Presidio of level 5 held by an enemy Brotherhood, holding a certain number of level-5 Presidios, or controlling a certain amount of territory.

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Unlike Presidios, Bastions cannot provide defensive boosts to Units stationed there. However, like Presidios, they also offer Influence Points to increase your Brotherhood rank. Upgrades, though, unlike at Presidios, aren't achieved by using Resources. You must use Stones or Codexes.

Influence Points 

Influence Points are gained in two ways. The first is the through the Level of your Bastion. Each level increases the Influence you gain from having a Bastion. The second way is with your Knowledge. Knowledge gives a certain percentage boost to your Influence - but that only becomes relevant when you hold at least one Presidio. 

You can upgrade your Knowledge in a certain area straight to level 20 if you choose, but the Knowledge level that applies is directly correlated to your Bastion’s level. Each level in Offense or Defense increases the combat statistic that it applies to for a certain Unit class (Armada, Fleet, Mercenary or Pirate). The last 2 fields of Knowledge are for increasing Unit speed and decreasing Rum Consumption. The latter can be very important to your members that have massive armies and need help with controlling their Rum consumption rates.  

Bastion upgrades

Up to level 8, all Bastion upgrades require nothing but Stones. However, once you reach level 8, if you'd like to upgrade your Bastion further, it now requires you to downgrade a rival Bastion of level 7 or higher, in addition to the required Stones.

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Bastion and Presidio

How does one help or hurt the other? There is no benefit to the Bastion from having a Presidio. However, the Bastion can actually provide quite a bit of help to your Brotherhood as far as holding Presidios is concerned, because of the Knowledge feature. 
Which is better to have - a Bastion or a Presidio, or both? Can ye handle having both and still defend what's yers?

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