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Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley (BA): Roll up, roll up! Get yerself a stool n sit nice n close so ye can ‘ear him! Today, ye lucky scallywags, ye get to be party to a special, one on one interview wit’ a very special Cap’n... Lads n lasses, let me introduce ye t’ Papaw “The Wolf” Rigsby, comin’ straight from his travels with the Wolves of The Seven Seas Brotherhood. So lad, let’s be havin’ ye! Don’t be sittin’ tharr all quiet like! Speak up and tell us somethin’ about ye!

Captain Papaw Rigsby (PR): First of all I should be sayin’ thanks fer havin’ me, Cap’n Anne – if I may call ye that! I thinks I be known as one o’ the older captains, n like ye’ve said, I go by the name o’ Papaw “The Wolf” n I be the Advisor fer the Wolves of The Seven Seas Brotherhood. She’ll kill me if I don’t mention ‘er – n I’m always talkin about ‘er anyway – but I’ve gots to introduce ye scallywags t’ Nana. She be me partner in crime, n me lovely wench o’ 25 years! I be the luckiest swine goin’ to still have ‘er fightin’ by me side! Nana n Papaw, incase ye young ‘uns didn’t know, be another term fer Grandma n Grandad!

Ye got that? Good! Keep up! Now abouts me history! I were born down in Tennessee USA, so I be a southern lad as far as the people on this continent be concerned! I’ve always loved the sea, n aside from a 4 year stint in th’ navy – n a brief, but rum-accompanied stay in Indianapolis – I’ve been ‘ere fer each o’ me 61 years! I’ve been retired fer 10 years or so now, after livin’ through the ups n downs of a career in elevator repair work! We don’t ‘ave many elevators on pirate ships as it ‘appens though, so I wasn’t much cop at it… Funnily enough, the skills don’t be transferring too well!

Right now, I be livin’ the good life – not that I like to brag – on a 30 acre lake! I be lovin’ goin’ fishin’ in there when I can’t be on a real, piratin’ ship at sea! I even take a good ole bottle o’ rum there to keep me company. In fact, we even be having our own little island in the middle o’ the lake to maroon ourselves upon so we don’t have to share! It don’t got a name, but me n Nana affectionately call it “Goose Shit Island” – we’ll let ye’s be the judge o’ why that is!

(CA): Sounds like yer doin’ well fer yerself, laddy! Can’t think o’ too many a pirate that’d be complaining at a partner in crime o’ 25 years n his own private island! Now, why don’t ye tell us howye found out about Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ n why ye decided to throw yerself into the life of a pirate!

(PR): Actually Bonnie Anne, n excuse me treachery – I’d been playin’ another pirate game… We won’t be mentionin’ the name, but let’s just say I’d been playin’ fer a couple o’ years, happy as larry, then one day I spotted on the horizon of me Facebook page a brand new pirate game! I clicked it on it, n that was that! The start of a new adventure had been born… The start of a new legacy! N that brings us to now… Nigh-on 2 years later n I’m still playing... Plunderin’ the seas, looking fer the next biggest score! Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ be a lot less stressful on the old ticker than the other game, see – so I could be playin’fer many hours a day. Then, eventually, it just took over all me time!

(CA): All yer time aye? Piratin’ be a full time job fer sure; there’s no half hearting it with so much at stake out there! So, with all yer free time spent a maraudin’ and a ransackin’ – how long did it take ye to get to where ye are today?

(PR): Well… 2 years Cap’n Anne! But it’s not all been plain sailin’! There be a lot of treacherous rats out there, just waiting fer a moment to stab ye in the back n take all yer gold! Listen, I be playin’ this game fer 12-15 hours a day! But I’m still not sure ye could make it to where I am in only a couple of years without purchasin’ a couple o’ Rubies along the way, even with playing fer so many hours… I just don’t think it’s possible to play more, Bonnie – a Captain’s gotta get his beauty sleep! Sayin’ that, if ye wanna be the biggest n best in this game, sometimes ye must grease a few palms n door hinges by the way o’ Rubies if ye don’t wanna be left behind!

(CA): Ah yes, ye’d be hard-pressed to find a man who didn’t respond well to the offer of a boat load o’ rubies! All I can says is, always keep an eye on what’s goin’ on around ye so no rapscallions can steal from ye – ye can’t be gettin’ caught with yer pants down when yer a man in yer position! So if ye don’t mind laddy – n speak up so the people at the back can hear ye – why don’t ye tell everyone what yer favourite 3 things are about the game?

(PR): Easy! First of all, it be the ease of play n the accessibility. It ain’t never been so easy to feel like a real pirate! Though, the occasional hitch happens with some updates that makes me heave me bottle o’ rum at the wall – but I like to just forget about those and blame the heavy winds! Secondly, it’s gots to be meetin’ new buckos n new acquaintances from around the world – that be a special part o’ this game, too! Lastly, n most importantly fer me, sitting here, raidin’ havens n rackin’ up gold fer 12-15 hours a day really relaxes me soul, n keeps me out o’ trouble in the real world! Barmen these days, Anne – I just don’t get ‘em! They don’t take kindly to me behavior; ye try to bring yer own rum, or ye bring one single pistol, n they look at ye like ye shot their ma’! So, it’s best fer me these days if I stay inside, lest I get meself in trouble!

(CA): Mighty responsible of ye, Papaw! Since yer in a responsible, people helpin’ mood fer once, how about ye share with us some pearls o’ wisdom from yer time as a pirate? We don’t wanna be here all day, we’ve all got raidin’ to do – so yer top 3 will do lad!

(PR): I’d be rememberin’… Rememberin’? Is that right? Remindin’! Aye, I think the rum’s getting to me a bit – I’d be remindin’ people that in the life of a pirate, ye’d best be takin’ and a grabbin’ everything ye can get yer grubby little hands on! So me first pearl is just that – find some havens to raid, n take ‘em fer all they be havin! Secondly, make sure ye have enough equipment to be hauling it all back to yer haven when ye’ve got it. Ye should also be kind to fellow pirates on yer travels – some kind words here n there can mean that when ye need the help, they’d be more than obligin’ to lend a hand! More than that, there be some pirate wenches out there, n even some kiddos! They don’t be needin’ to read all the bilge that comes from yer mouth – n it’ll just be a fast way to get yerself a 3 day ban!

(CA): Wise words from an experienced Cap’n! Aside from that guy at the back that’s fallen off his stool n is now lyin’ face down in on the floor, I think everyone be learnin’ a lot! While we be on the subject o’ the game, what are the 3 things ye’d like to see added to it the most?

(PR): I knew ye’d be asking me this one; that’s why I brought meself a list, so I can’t be gettin’ confused:

1. In our bucko list at the bottom of the screen, have a big, shiny “Remove Hearty” button. Not all of these landlubbers be cut out fer the life of a pirate. When ye’ve got 25 pages o’ level 10s, who’ve tried it n quit, it be a blessin’ if we could remove buckos from that particular list!

2. With the new Massed Attacks, there ain’t a Presidio in sight that be safe from some o’ the most fearsome pirates out there on the seas! Perhaps increasing our Subs and Nautilus defensive points would be makin’ them better – the Kegmines do help the matter, but not nearly enough!

3. Numero three-o! Maybe, n it’s not a big change – but an additional 5 or so raids a day wouldn’t be goin’ a miss! I have piratin’ bills, n letting me perform me Captainly duty of gently relieving a few Havens o’ their resources just be helping even out the playing field! It just ain’t right – them having so many resources, n good ol’ Cap’n Papaw having so little!

(CA): Well, let’s see what develops in the future, shall we! The best thing to be doin’ is keepin’ yer eye out on the horizon fer any big changes. Ye never wants to be the Captain who were daydreamin’ about his bottle o’ rum so much that he gets caught off-guard n didn’t see a tide-change comin’! Since ye mentioned the Massed Attacks, how has yer strategy changed since they’ve been introduced to the game?

(PR): Well, Cap’n O’Malley, like I’ve already been tellin’ ye; I don’t think anyone can repel a Massed Attack on a presidio from some o’ the strongest people in th’ game! So, to save me losses, I’ve started to be a smart pirate, n back down if they come after me! If I let them think me a coward, I can come back another day n fight on me own terms.

(CA): See, that type o’ thinking is what sets ye apart from the rest o’ these landlubbers! I can imagine ye’ve had some trials n tribulations over the years as Cap’n – it’s a stressful life to lead. So what about the good times, laddy? Ye must’ve had some o’ those, or ye wouldn’t keep coming back!

(PR): O’ course! Let me set the scene fer y’all… There I be, a sleepin’ and a snorin’ in me bed one night, dreaming of me fair wench Anne O’Malley, when some uncouth, scurvy-ridden scallywag tries to raid me haven! I sensed it in me dream – a sign from the god of rum himself, I say – n sat up immediately, jumped out of me bunk, n went to check on me haven! About an hour of punishin’ the pour soul later, me darling Nana enters to the room, n what does she see? Well, just Cap’n Papa at the desk, naked as the day I were born, with only me swashbucklin’ pirate hat to hide me modesty! Try explainin’ that one to yer spouse!

(CA): Ye never put the job down, Cap’n – yer a man after me own heart! A real pirate lass wouldn’t have any complaints if she knew ye were doing something as honest n good as defending yer haven! Cap’n, do you socialize with yer Brotherhood outside of the game? And have ye met many new buckos just from PTOF?

(PR): Firstly, I don’t really be socializing’ that much with me crew outside of the game. Not in real life, anyway – we be chatting online, sharin’ stories n what have ye – but I’ve not met anyone from the game in real life, yet! However, I have met a few Facebook and Pogo buckos o’er the years! If I be in the area, I may try n meet for lunch – or if ye have the time, a few bottles of grog! As fer new buckos, well it’s difficult to say – with around 1500 on Facebook, I’m a popular Captain. If yer making me give ye a number though, I’d guess around 300 of those would be PTOF buckos! Well, when I be saying friends, that’s what I’d call ‘em – I can’t be speaking fer them, but fer me, friends they be! Even that scallywag Captain Glen Mellor, the last subject of yer interview! He’s a right terror that one is, n a force to be reckoned with when he wants to be. Though, rumour has it that he can be seen a singin’ and a dancin’ in the Pirates of Penzance stage play on the weekend…. In a dress, even! That’s not the most piratical thing, if ye be askin’ me!

(CA): Well, that’s almost as many friends as me – ye must be quite the gentlemen n master of social circles, when ye wants to be! Any last words before we throw ye back onto yer own ship, Cap’n?

(PR): I’ll put me serious hat on fer this one, but I’d like to be thankin’ yerself, Bonnie Anne, the Plarium Staff and crew fer makin’ the game, n everyone I’ve met online that’s helped occupy me time over the last couple of years! They’ve been a lot of fun fer me, n I’m honoured that ye be thinking of me as one of the top Captains in the game! It’s much appreciated, lads n lasses – as is everything you do! I wish ye the happiest n the most lucrative of years fer everyone reading this, n many more on top o’ that!

Oh, n before I forget, I should mention that I have an action figure named after me – one of me brethren builds model ships, almost big enough to sail on the most dangerous o’ seas! He even puts action figures on there n gives ‘em real names from people he knows in-game. He be called J-Pop Andrew, n this be the site where ye can look at his work!

Hope ye don’t mind me giving him a shoutout, Cap’n Anne!

(CA): Aye yer a talkative one, aren’t ye! That’s what we like to see anyway, so we’ll be thankin’ ye fer yer time, n thanks fer keeping everyone entertained throughout the evening! I be seein ye, Cap’n Papaw – keep eatin’ yer cabbage to stave off the scurvy, n keep yersel’ healthy! Catch ye later, laddy!

This article was written by player Papaw Rigsby, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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