Interview with the Infamous Captain Koszarek

Ahoy, Mateys! Fill a flask o’ yer best Black Brandy an’ settle in to yer Captain’s quarters! Listen up – and let me regale ye with tales of a truly legendary Captain!

This be a man who needs little introduction, but fer the sight o’ his Jolly Roger billowin’ in the breeze! Fearless leader o’ the Brotherhood Seebären, this well-experienced Captain ain’t to be trifled with. If yer foolish enough to raid ‘em, best prepare fer heavy casualties – accordin’ to their Brotherhood Codes, an attack on one be a war on all!

Make way fer Matzen Koszarek, Piratin’ Extraordinaire, an’ faithful Leader of Seebären, ye scurvy dogs!

AB: Ahoy, Matzen! Thank ye fer agreein’ to this little parley. Let’s get the cannonball rollin’ with a few questions about yerself. Where did ye first get wind of Pirates: Tides of Fortune? What brings ye sailin’ back to yer Haven day after day? 

MK:  I first set sail on March 6th, 2012, through a banner on Facebook; from then on, I was sailing the Seven Seas every day. I got really involved with developing strategies and implementing them – that, I think, is the real charm and beauty of this game.

AB:  How many times have ye changed yer Brotherhood? What can ye tell us o’ yer previous Brotherhoods?

MK: I’ve been sailing the Seven Seas for a very long time - when I first started playing, there were no Brotherhoods in the game, but only groups of Captains who formed unofficial communities. Joining one of these groups helped me learn more about the game and avoid a lot of novice mistakes.

When Brotherhoods appeared officially, I joined "Deutschen Elite" and was made an Adviser. We took the lead very quickly and won a premier place in the Brotherhood Rankings. We fought bitterly with Searätz, a rival Brotherhood whose territories bordered ours. Led by Captain Denis King, Searätz held the 1st position in the Brotherhood Rankings for a long time.

Our Brotherhoods were constantly fighting to expand our influence.
I, and a few of my shipmates, had some philosophical differences with our Brotherhood leader. We took part in a mutiny, but it ultimately failed. This led me to consider forming my own Brotherhood.

AB: How long did it take fer yer Brotherhood to achieve the glory and fame it enjoys today? 
MK: On October 10th, 2012, I founded a new Brotherhood: "Seebären.” Many Captains from my former Brotherhood, Deutschen Elite, joined me in this new venture. 

On December 12th, 2012, Seebären placed 6th in the Brotherhood Rankings. On March 10th, 2013, we reached 1st place. We definitely could have maintained the number 1 position over a six-month period, but we chose to sell our Presidios and move on to other Brotherhood tasks.

At one point, we held more than 30 Presidios, and were able to upgrade the “Masters of the Seven Seas” Achievement to the 9th level. After selling most of our Presidios in exchange for Resources, we were left with the three we control today. 

AB: What do ye appreciate the most about yer friends and shipmates?

MK: What I like about Seebären is how we support and encourage each other, treating our fellow shipmates with respect. Of course, like any other Brotherhood, we have our disputes and occasional frustrations. But we always come together to overcome hardship – we communicate with one another, and are encouraged to speak out.

AB: Those be inspirin’ words, Matey. Surely, the ties of friendship be stronger than a sailor’s knot! Tell me, Captain, how do ye define the word “teamwork”?

MK: In this game, teamwork is essential to success. We are not forced to play together – we do it because we enjoy playing the game and working together in our Brotherhood. Everyone contributes their time and effort when they can, without any serious obligations. Some of our shipmates play leisurely at work, occasionally returning to their Havens at home. Everyone’s contribution is valuable and important to the Brotherhood.

AB: How do ye cope with failure? Be it difficult to motivate yer teammates, even when everythin’ goes awry?

MK: We never experience failures. We rely on hard work and persistence to achieve whatever goals we desire! 

AB: Yo-ho-ho! I like yer spirit, Captain! What’s yer strategy fer stayin’ ahead o’ the wave? 
MK: As the game moves forward, it changes, so you have to change as well. Question orthodox strategies and well-known assumptions – analyze again and again, sometimes with calculators and spreadsheets if need be!

AB: If ye could change one thing in our game, what would it be?

MK: I’m not a huge fan of the potion crafting system, and I would prefer to collect Resources automatically instead of clicking them. I would also remove the ability to freely restore 50% of all Crew you lose in defense of your Haven. When I defeat my rivals, I’d like those scurvy dogs to be gone for good!

AB: Clearly, ye be a master o’ piracy, Captain. What else are ye proud of in yer life? 
MK: I am most proud of my wife and children. I have built a home for them, and am trying through my work to make their dreams reality. 
What else could I ask for? Well, world domination - but that might take a bit longer.

AB: World domination? Fer a Captain such as yerself, that seems mighty feasible! Ye always set the bar high, Matey! Tell me – besides these lofty aspirations - what other sorts o’ things interest ye? 
MK: I like traveling, snowboarding and driving fast cars. Also, ice cream!

AB: Arrgh, there ain’t nothin’ better than rummy-nut ice cream on warm summer days. Now – let’s get to the tough question. If ye were lookin’ fer a new Brotherhood – assumin’ “Seebären” were no more – which would ye choose?  

MK: Sorry Anne, but I cannot imagine this at all. If Seebären kicked me out or dissolved, then I would quit the game.

AB: Arrre any o’ yer relatives playin’ Pirates: Tides of Fortune? Does a penchant fer piratin’ run in yer family?

MK: Yes, my family members play, but most of them don’t play seriously - except one, who has the same “fever” for the game and is a nice addition to our Brotherhood.

AB: What three tips can ye give to young, inexperienced Pirates?

MK: First of all, expand your Haven. Resources and research are truly the most important things at the beginning. Think carefully before engaging an opponent –then, true to our battle cry, set sail with “Full speed ahead!”

Well said, Captain Matzen! May yer sense o’ adventure and leadership skills set an example fer all Captains! I wish ye and yer brave pirate crew good fortune, plentiful loot, and clear skies! May ye bring glory to yer Brotherhood, and misfortune to yer enemies! 

See ya soon, Captain!

Captain MATZEN

This article was written by player Matzen Koszarek, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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