Captain Josh Gibson Gives an Exclusive Interview to Plarium

Greetings sea dogs!

We’re mighty pleased to be bringing yer the first o’ many player interviews. Grab a flask o’ rum and sit your sorry rump down, and don’t disturb me one-eyed parrot, if yer please… There is one Captain who has sailed these treacherous waters longer than most. Arr! You guessed it – the villainous Captain Josh Gibson is on deck. Whether you fear him, or loathe him, there's no denying he is a fine commander in Pirates Tides of Fortune. We searched for him high and low, rattled many sabres along the way too… Finally we were fortunate enough to catch up with him, a month ago at his Haven. We bring you tidings from Captain Josh Gibson!

Q – Capt. Gibson we thank you for your time. Please let us in on who you are?

A - Sure! I'm a 38-year-old guy with a fantastic family – a wife, 4 kids, 2 dogs and even a snake. We live in Kansas, USA. I've been working for the county for about 10 years and I was a hard-core gamer in my earlier days. Now I enjoy social games in my spare time.

Q - The big question: how did you find out about Pirates: Tides of Fortune? We hearken on your word!

A – ‘Tis no secret! I saw Pirates: Tides of Fortune on Google +. It was not yet on Facebook. But I quenched my thirst on some Pirate’s Rum as I awaited its Facebook launch.

Q - Indeed you are marvel to behold! Pray tell what may have led you to a life of piracy, plunder and mayhem on the high seas? Do you come from a line of pirates?

A – I played Total Domination for a long time. The next step up was naturally Pirates: Tides of Fortune. As for piracy in my family, I recall my mother threatening to make me walk the plank many times for my misdeeds in the past.

Q - First impressions of the game? What expectations did you have, and did Pirates: Tides of Fortune live up to your expectations?

A - A good Pirate never goes into a situation blind – unless he has lost both eyes in battle! I knew what to expect and I embraced Pirates: Tides of Fortune with open arms!

Q - How long did it take for you to achieve legendary status?

A – Arr! I don't consider myself a legend – there are many legends in this game at the moment, perhaps I can work my way up to that status. I can assure you that there are scores of pirates – each of them waiting quietly – biding their time – before they unleash their wrath and become true legends of this game.

Q - As you know, scores of Brotherhood Leaders are rudderless out there at sea… they have yet to find their sea legs – poor sods! Pray tell, your band of Buccaneers ranks in the top 20: any advice for Brotherhood Leaders out there?

A - Patience and planning! Listen to your advisers, and work towards the goals. Like-minded people in your Brotherhood are a good place to start.

Q - We have a pitiful reputation as Pirates among the good folk out there… Do think this is warranted? What positive attributes do you see developing among your fellow scurvy knaves in Pirates: Tides of Fortune?

A - Once a pirate, always a pirate! Plundering, pillaging and warmongering are at our very core. But I have seen tremendous compassion among pirates during times of personal loss and tragedy.

Q - Share a secret will you… what do you like more than Rum in PTOF, Captain Gibson?

A – Ah! An easy answer: the Brotherhood, and the teamwork and interaction. I've learned a great many things from my fellow sea dogs. All around the world – all the seas - I've encountered different cultures and different languages and people in different time zones. We are one family!

Q – Do those burning fuses in your beard hurt? They are intoxicating!

A – Indeed… Once during battle I forgot they were there and damn near singed my beard right off! It's but a mild discomfort with all the rum I have on board to take care of the pain!

Q - It has been said that no Pirate can set sail for battle without an able-bodied crew… Which shipmates or brotherhood would you like to pay homage to today?

A - Many a fine Pirate has helped me on my journeys! The Skeleton Crew is one that comes to mind… There are many others that have aided me along the way!

Q - Do you have a special training regimen? What about diet? Yoga, or Pilates?

A – I’m all about swine! Pork rind, and the trotters! Just pulling your leg – but I do like Bacon! I'm about as flexible as a wooden- legged pirate, so Yoga is out. You speak of curling exercises – that's my finger on the mouse. You already know what my preferred dietary habits are…

Q - Any advice for new Captains trying to establish themselves?

A - Be patient. Don't place too many restrictions on the Brotherhood. It's a game of fun – maintain a balance and get the Brotherhood to achieve the goals in the best way possible.

Q – A Pirate’s life is about community… pilfering and plundering to bring people closer together. Please if you would – give us examples of scurvy knaves you've become shipmates with in real life.

A - You won't get a peep out of me on that question!

Q - How would you convince a law-abiding goody two shoes to turn to piracy?

A – Hmm – how ‘bout a hot date with Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley? Maybe a vat of Rum to make it work!!!

Q - What would you change about Pirates: Tides of Fortune?

A – Unlimited jewels in the form of rubies… On a serious note – I would reduce the build time for the troops. Yes, I surely would!

Q - Would you like to share anything with the players out there?

A - Not a thing… it’s a Pirate’s life fer sure!

Q – Captain, do you have any questions for us?

A - Tell me how to get an unlimited supply of rubies …

Q - You think I would share that with you? Thank you for your time Captain! Would you be so kind as to remove the blindfold and safely return my crew and my ship before you vanish into the night…

A - No problem! Shuffle forward a couple of paces


This article was written by player Josh Gibson, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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