Pirates Moderator Interview with Crowbar

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Player: Crowbar

Game: Pirates: Tides of Fortune


1. How did you find out about our game, and how long have you been playing?

I started playing in October 2013. I was looking for a game that would fit into the free time I had, and stumbled upon this one.

2. What do you consider the most interesting type of thread?

The threads I find most interesting are the ones where players are working together to figure out a new feature. There are always a lot of different ideas, and it leads to fun experimentation with the game mechanics while we all figure out the best strategy.

3. When do you answer questions? Is it difficult to find time for moderating, real life, and playing the game?

I aim to take some time out for moderating twice a day. Finding the time can be difficult sometimes, but there are never urgent problems and there are enough moderators to cover for each other.

4. What do you consider the proudest moment of your moderating career?

My proudest moments are whenever someone says “thank you for your help” to me. I think that policing players should be kept at a minimum when possible and that my real purpose as a moderator is to help the community.

Any thanks I get means that I did something right, and that the time I invested in troubleshooting and replying was well spent.

5. What advice can you give to players who want to join our moderating team?

Be yourself. I see moderators sometimes trying too hard to act “like a moderator” – very official, cautious, and polite at all times. This means you are putting too much pressure on yourself to act in a way that isn’t necessary, and it can cause strain to yourself and the team.

My second piece of advice would be not to take problems too seriously. Occasionally, players will get angry – this can mean they lash out a mod or other players. In those moments, other players can retort and begin an argument. It is the mod’s responsibility to then try and calm the situation down. This may not always work but it's a part of our role to try, but we shouldn’t take any harsh words said to us to heart.

Thirdly, it’s important to remember that moderators can be wrong sometimes too. It’s good to admit when this happens and if necessary, apologize. A moderator is there to help, not to pick sides between the players and Plarium. We act as an additional bridge of communication between these two groups and should remain as neutral as possible.

6. A random question: what is your favorite song?

This varies depending on my mood. I would say one of my all-time favorites is Queen’s “Innuendo”, alongside many others from their brilliant catalog. For pirate themed songs, there are many good songs from the Scottish band Alestorm.

7. Do you have any other comments?

I would like to see some improvement for the Flash client performance, better communication on bug fixes, and some more thorough QA for new game features.

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