Interview with Henry Maisey

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All hands on deck!  At least once in their lifetime, every sailor has ended up in close quarters with old sea dogs on dreadful Pirate ships. Some sailors survived those scurvy rendezvous; others wound up in Davy Jones' Locker. Only the bravest o' Pirates can survive an encounter with the sea Tuskers led by Henry Maisey.

Annie Bonnies meets Henry Maisey

Today, we have the pleasure to interview a very special Captain, whose heart beats as one with the Ocean's. Grab a seat, fill yer glass up with Rum, an' enjoy!
Anne Bonnie (A.B.): Captain, could ye tell us a little bit about yerself, shiver me timbers?
Henry Maisey (H.M.): Me? Just a middle-aged elephant, part of the herd we call the ‘Tuskers’. I’m an Englishman living in France.
A. B.: How did ye get into piracy on the Seven Seas? Have ye always been one o’ the Tuskers? If not, enlighten us about yer previous positions.
H. M.: I have always been fascinated with the sea and RPG games so this game was a natural fit. There has only ever been one ‘hood fer me, although we did go through a painful mutiny and name change in the early years.
A. B.: Ye aren’t the Brotherhood Leader, are ye? How come?
H. M.: The Tuskers do not have a ‘hood leader; we have a leadership team who all share the responsibility in rotation. Ye could call me the ‘founding father’ but no Tusker is more important than others.
A. B.: How did yer Brotherhood come into existence?
H. M.: (Laughter) Well, ye select a name, choose a flag, pay the fee and hey presto... ye got a ‘hood.
A. B.: What kind of difficulties has yer Brotherhood encountered?
H. M.: Wild sea beasts, tropical storms, dead wind and Men of Mayhem. Just the usual.
A. B.: Which of yer Badges was the easiest to get, and which one was the greatest challenge?
H. M.: Most Badges just happen while ye’re asail doin’ the usual piratical stuff we all do. Downgrading Presidios was our toughest.
A. B.: Did the Brotherhood experience any moments when Captains lost their motivation? What do ye do to motivate yer Maties?
H. M.: The Brotherhood has had periods of stagnation, but changing the Leader tends to bring in a different play style and breathes new wind into us. But the only sure way to keep the crew interested is give them a constant supply of enemies. The last Alliance to hit us managed 142 Mass Attacks from 12 different Brotherhoods. We will gather our strength and sink them all, one a month, so next year is taken care of (laughter).
A. B.: How often does yer Brotherhood recruit new Captains? What are yer requirements, if any, fer these players other than prior game experience?
H. M.: We get maybe one or two new Brethren each month. Applicants go through an in-depth interview to ensure a cultural fit; also, they need to prove themselves active raiders. We have a boot ‘hood fer those with no track record but a desire to learn. Their Level is unimportant but raiding one million Wood and another million Gold each week is a required minimum because that is how much you need to be able to compete in this game.
A. B.: Captain, what distinguishes a scurvy Pirate from a landlubber?
H. M.: A Pirate builds Ships to send into battle. A landlubber builds them to keep safe in their Harbour.
A. B.: What tips would ye give new Captains that be tryin’ to make a name fer themselves?
H. M.: Raid well, build Ships, and have the patience to fight in the right PvP events. Be very wary of Mission prizes and make sure ye join a Brotherhood that suits yer play style.
A. B.: If ye could change one thing about the game, what would it be?
H. M.: I am a Pirate, so greed is in me nature… I would change two things. I think every Pirate would enjoy it if we could keep up-to-date on what is going on in the wider Pirate world; which Brotherhoods are fighting, for example, and which have become friends. The second would be a nice Alliance structure, with its own badges so we could see the ‘bigger picture’, which is hidden right now.
A. B.: A fine idea, Captain. It was me great pleasure to have a real Pirate talk with ye!
Now, it be high time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Maybe someone else can take the helm, because me blood is full of Rum... or the Rum in me veins be full o’ blood. 

Thank ye fer yer time, Captain Maisey, and send me regards to all yer crew in Tuskers!

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