Captain Glenn Mellor Gives an Exclusive Interview to Plarium

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Captain’s Log: March 2015

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’Malley: Filthy scum – sea dogs, and wretched knaves! I’ll be commanding this ‘ere vessel. Welcome to yer! I’m Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne, in the flesh cutting a fine form for yer scurvy sods! Sit yer bungling bollocks down and grab a cup of pirate’s Rum. This ‘ere interview is live from me haven with the notorious Cap’n Glenn Mellor. The high seas are poundin’ this ‘ere vessel, but the old lass will hold up. Mellor! Tell us more about yerself me ‘ol mucker! Spit it out lad!

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: ‘Tis indeed an honour to be ‘ere! Cap’n O’Malley on this rust-bucket of yours! I be Glenn Mellor, and I’m baskin’ in the prime of me years at just 50 years of age. Me  6 little rascals jumped ship and blessed me with a gorgeous wee pirate lass – just 3 years of age to ride the high seas with! If Pirate’s Luck be a kinsman, I’m truly a blessed knave! 8 glorious years ago, I found me love… a fine lass she be!  I will be sailin with her blessed self until the end of me Pirate days… argh! But as yer know; it’s not only calm waters and golden sunsets ahead of me; I’m a Portsmouth FC supporter and me team has been strugglin to stay afloat in recent days.. times they be hard Bonnie Anne! No laughin matter for me team! Soon… ye have little faith they say…victory is coming for Portsmouth!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Grrr! Quite the crew thar Cap’n! Methinks you be waitin a hellishly long while yet before the team fights its way up the ranks! But fer the record: How did yer uncover me Haven right here with – Pirates – Tides of Fortune?

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Hmm! T’was but a scribble on the Facebook and 1 click that drew me right into yer Haven! Me been raidin, sailin and battling ever since! The 7 Seas are no match fer me talents! The Spanish Fleet is riding the waves but me galley be chasin ‘em down fer a wee bit under 2 years. Yaar! Me Pirate Queen be a patient lass… a very patient lass indeed!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Arrr!!! Cap’n Glenn yer wicked fer sure! A Pirate Cap’n after me own heart. Warms me cockles! How has yer progression faired in the sailin’ department for the last two years?

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Hear this, Cap’n Bonnie! T’was a whole year sailin calm waters to rise to Level 50. Hark! T’was not always easy as yer well know! The Missions brought strong winds and many wet sails – levelling up over the past 9 months Blistered me hands but they be firm now!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Music to me weather-beaten ears! Argh! I be lovin wet sails – let’s crush another cup of galley Rum! Let’s raise the chalice to many more successful Missions. Tell me, ol’ mucker – about yer fave 3 things with PTOF!

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Cheers! Fer me fave 3 things…I be lovin’ the Raiding, and I’ve completed 10 Raids daily since I was but a deck swab! Number 2 – A band of brothers makes Pirate life swell! Me Brotherhood is Retribution and it boasts a nasty crew of ‘ol sea dogs. We be thick as thieves – a Pirate kinship for life! The game is swell; I love me mates and the long and enduring cruise is what fulfils me life… hard work, no time for resting on the decks! Tings be needin’ work – but Pirate life is mostly ‘bout fun on the high seas. Where’s me Rum?

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Hark! That be a true Pirate speakin’ thar! Fun is what makes the perils disappear! Share yer 3 pearls of Pirate Wisdom with yer deck mates …arrr!!!

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: I’d be callin’ for storin’ crews away befor’ ye go loggin off! Always secure yer crew! Don’t be goin Raidin and forgetin yer crew!!! Spend yer loot down well below 50% as scallywags be wantin yer loot won’t be botherin’ yer at the local watering hole! Me, I never be defendin’ me Haven – unless it be fer’a specific reason. True word that is!  

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: ‘Afore we enjoy another wee round-a-Rum, what yer be wishin’ for in the Game itself?

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Easy ‘nuff! Fer me, t’d be good t’raise raids to 15 daily! Next would be t’limit max distance on Raids to 4 wee hours! Can’t be triflin’ in 24 hour Raids! Finally, t’would be ‘ave more buildings up to Level 25 – for more Storage space. That’d be me 3 wishes Cap’n ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Mighty fine wishes Cap’n Mellor! Let’s see what develops in thar future swells! How yer farin with Massed Attacks Cap’n Glenn Mellor? Any changes t’yer in-game experience or Strategy?

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Not on me watch! Massed Attack brings good fortune with bigger hits against bigger Presidio’s! Me Strategy t’is more organized…simpler…but me Strategy not changed a wee bit!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Argh! That be yer true sailin’ self! A lad of Portsmouth FC indeed! Drink yer ration a Rum, yer ‘ol scallywag! Come closer ... tell Cap’n Anne O’ Malley a funny tale! Me like to cackle some now and thar!

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: One day – t’was a fine day – I be sailing an’ me Pirate Queen look over me shoulder and she be seeing a scribble from me Brothers ‘bout attacking another Brotherhood. They was waitin’ patiently for me authorisation!  But me lady be wise ‘nuff to ask if me be authorisin’ her to attack the shops in the port!!! It makes us both cackle some’..argh!! Top me up Cap’n O’ Malley!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: A fine lass she be! Send me tidings - maybe a picture of her raidin’ them thar port shops! Pirate outfit preferred! Will yer be so kind? What ‘bout being in port – yer socialisin’ with yer Brotherhood in real life? Spill the beans!  

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Absolutely! Ahem…we be meetin’ four of us Pirates in the Haven port o’Brighton, England Christmas last. A swashbucklin’ time of Rum and tales aplenty fer all to ‘njoy! We be meetin February next with more seadogs from other Brotherhoods fer some tots’a Rum  - maybe a Roast Parrot too!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Cap’n yer quite the scoundrel – in a good ‘ol sense! A gentleman of fine standing! How many Pirate brethren yer team’d up with in yer 2 year sailing career on PTOF? Don’t hold back on O’Malley!

Cap’n Glenn Mellor: Would yer believe hundreds of mates have I made! Hundreds I tell yer online and dozens in Real Life!

Captain ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’ Malley: Well that’s swell! Lov’ t’hear it Cap’n! The Haven is proud ‘o ya! Thank ye fer yer time Sir – much gobbledygook was shared, much content ‘o import too! Finish yer Rum ye ‘ol Scallywag! Good Lad! I’ve got me eye out for yer and yer knaves on the Seven Seas... Ahoy thar!

This article was written by player Glenn Mellor, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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