Will you ally yourself with your neighboring Strongholds, or besiege them and steal their Resources? Which combination of orcish, elvish, viking and dragon Units will you send to engage your opponents, and how will you defend your own Stronghold? Which Clan will you side with? How you go about earning your glory is entirely up to you, Lord Marshal! Shingard awaits.


After the return of the Ice Queen, the various races had no choice but to come together and elect one (woefully underqualified) leader - King Bjorn. As one of his Lord Marshals, you are responsible for building and governing your very own Nordic Stronghold, complete with a motley population of elves, orcs, norsemen and dragons - none of whom are particularly fond of each other. To prosper in the hostile conditions of neverending winter, you'll need to produce Resources, construct buildings and fortifications, and train your own army within your Stronghold. Your neighbors will be doing the same thing - try to stay a step ahead of them, or be ready to fend off their raid attempts!
The Great Truce
Gorge of Whispers
Plain of Blades
Sappers' Guild - I


How can you stay on top of your rivals in a frozen wasteland? Knowledge is power, Lord Marshal. Sign Blood Pacts with various tribes of Orcs, Elves, Norsemen and Dragons to benefit from their wisdom and skills. Signing and upgrading Blood Pacts will enable you to recruit new Units, improve the training of your existing ones, and build new structures for trade and intelligence.
Fire Ale
Your warriors must drink well to make it through the eternal winter. Fire Ale will keep them alive and brave! Build and Upgrade Fire Ale Breweries so that you’ll never be short of the stuff!
Look in any powerful Stronghold and what do you see? Mushrooms! To get Mushrooms, you must first Build Mushroom Patches. Keep these Upgraded to ensure your supply remains strong!
What’s slimy, delicious, and a vital part of your Stronghold? Fish! Build and Upgrade Fisherman’s Huts to keep your Stronghold fed! Their smell is the pungent aroma of victory!


There are three primary Resources in Nords that you'll need to survive - Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale! These can all be found within your Stronghold, but you'll have to cultivate them by building Fisherman's Huts, Mushroom Patches and Breweries, and build Storehouses and Alehouses so nothing goes to waste. As your Stronghold grows, you might find you need even more supplies. You can accomplish this by constructing special buildings to boost production - or there's always the option of raiding and your rival Lord Marshals' Strongholds... just be sure your army is strong enough to emerge victorious!