Special Units Now Available!



Lord Marshal!

It seems a blizzard has driven some new Units to Shingård! Luckily, before they could drink all the Fire Ale, Björn requisitioned them to serve in your army! These are unlike other Units and can only be acquired in Discount Packages! The skill level of these Units differs greatly - but word to the wise, the first four are truly a prize!


The Spitewing is a swift, stealthy dragon, perfect for any Scouting mission. Be forewarned that should it die, some of your Scouts will go off to explore the afterlife along with it! Though it detests open combat, it is not to be underestimated!

-Grukk-Back Spearshooter

The Grukk-Back Spearshooter seems like the brainchild of a very tipsy King Björn - but in fact, this lethal defender, strongest among all Defensive Units, will incinerate would-be invaders before impaling them just for good measure.

-Avatar of Viskarax

The Avatar of Viskarax is the strongest of all Elves. With extra arms for improved flame-throwing, this is a powerful offensive force with serious pyromania. Best to keep it away from King Björn’s ice sculptures.

-Drakling Ranger

One of the meanest Scout Units in Shingård, the Drakling Ranger is absurdly fast and will provide a hefty boost to your other reconnaissance forces. Spying on your neighbors has never been easier!

-Enchanted Huntsman

Just one look at this Unit is enough to strike terror into the heart of the four-legged. Best used when launching raids, the Enchanted Huntsman’s strength and skill will leave your enemies much dismayed.

-Imbued Arbalester

The Imbued Arbalester works a crossbow as well as any Mongol. With superhuman strength and speed, the Imbued Arbalester will boost your defense in times of need!

-Eldritch Behemoth

As strong and tough as he looks, the Eldritch Behemoth will bolster your offense and send a shudder through your enemy’s ranks (cage included at no additional cost).

-Orc Bloodwitch

The Orc Bloodwitch has visions that provide fashion advice, body-piercing tips and, more useful for your purposes, blood spells to wreak damage on attacking armies. Your defense will be happy to have, umm, her (we think), even if they have to look at it.

Add these Units to your ranks by purchasing select Discount Packages! Be advised: each Discount Package contains an assortment of different Units and Items, so view the contents before purchasing!