New Sites On The Map: Resource Stashes!



Lord Marshal!

Strong north winds have blown some snow around and led to the discovery of new Resource collection sites known as Stashes!

Stashes are new sites all over the map that can contain Fire Ale, Fish, Mushrooms, Magic or Emeralds. These caches of Resources were hidden away by kleptomanic goblins now long undead. Since the Cold Legions aren’t known for their navigational skills, the loot is yours for the taking – if you can fend off competing armies. Unlike Settlements, the number of Resources you can gather from a Stash depends on the overall carrying capacity of the Defensive Units you have stationed at the site.

You will need BOTH Offensive and Defensive Units to Capture a Stash, but Defensive Units will NOT engage in the battle. All surviving Offensive Units will be automatically returned to your Catacombs. If you successfully Capture the Stash, the Defensive Units you sent will start picking through the junk and loading up their bears with the Resources stored there. The number of Resources that they can collect in one go depends on their collective carrying capacity and the Resource type (Emeralds are heavier than Mushrooms, for example). Therefore, the more Units you have at the site, and the bigger their carrying capacity, the more Resources you'll be able to score!
If your Units are defeated, and an enemy takes control of the Stash, any surviving Units will return to your Stronghold with the Resources they were able to collect before the attack.

You will be able to oversee Stashes under your control in the “Stashes” tab at the Keep.

By Attacking or Capturing Stashes, you can get free Resources, Emeralds, Experience Points, Tournament Points, and/or Points for the Rankings!

Take note of the following:
-You must have a Dragon Hatchery in your Stronghold in order to Scout Stashes.
-You must have a Magic Mine in your Stronghold in order to gather Magic hidden in Stashes.
-You can only send Reinforcements to Stashes that you currently hold.
-If you send Offensive and Defensive forces to Attack (not Capture) a Stash, all Units will participate in the attack. It is therefore not recommended to send Defensive forces on Attack missions.
-Initially, you can hold a maximum of 3 Stashes at a time, as indicated by the number of Bearhemoths you possess. To Increase the number of Stashes you can hold, visit the Skills tab of your Champion Panel and upgrade "Maximum Settlements and Stashes" to Level 30.

Good luck, Lord Marshal!