New Items Now Available At The Black Market!



Lord Marshal!

To make your quest to rule Shingård easier than ever before, King Björn has announced the release of the following incredible new Items!

Feast your eyes!

- Ghost Army: With this Item, your enemy’s Scouting Reports will show twice as many Units as you actually have. Best of all, your enemy will have no way of knowing that you have activated this Item. They have enough to deal with thanks to the zombies roaming the countryside! Fear sees danger everywhere, Lord Marshals - even in the Ale! Just ask Björn! But this is the best way to pull the wool over your enemy’s eyes!

- XP Booster: This Item will multiply the number of Experience Points you get from any battle. It doesn't matter where or how you fight: so long as you come out victorious, you will get an increased number of Experience Points. Now levelling-up is easier than ever before!

You can get these Items at the Black Market (Go to the "Special" section of the “Misc” tab).

Keep your eyes on the prize, Lord Marshal – new advances are always being made up in the Frozen North, and more innovative bone-crushing items are sure to be made available soon!

Loyal Bard to his Awesomeness King Björn, the Handsome and Charming