New Items Now Available At The Black Market!

Lord Marshal!

To make your quest to rule Shingård easier than ever before, King Björn has announced the release of the following incredible new Items!

Feast your eyes!

- Full Protection. This Item protects you from any Offensive Action launched against you. Your enemies won't be able to Raid or dispatch Scouts against you so long as this Item is active. Activating Full Protection allows you to take a deep breath and manage your Stronghold without worrying about being attacked.

- Scout Protection. This Item protects you from being Scouted. Your enemies won't be able to dispatch Scouts against you while this Item is active. Use Scout Protection to keep your secrets safely hidden within your Stronghold's walls!

You can get these Items at the Black Market (Go to the "Special" section of the “Misc” tab).

Keep your eyes on the prize, Lord Marshal – new advances are always being made up in the Frozen North, and more innovative bone-crushing items are sure to be made available soon!

Loyal Bard to his Awesomeness King Björn, the Handsome and Charming