New Feature: Portals!



Lord Marshals!

Have you been slacking off? Have your rivals moved in and taken over your turf - well, walled-in section of ice? Have you been caught with your metaphorical pants down?

Well, now you’re in luck - with PORTALS!

Portals let you relocate your Stronghold! Move to a better location and regain control of the lands! Move closer to your Clan members and gain a tighter grip over your Obelisks! Or, if you need to, run away from your enemies!

From now on, you can relocate your Stronghold to a new location by using Portals. On the Map, you will see new places called Vacant Sites. These are designated locations to which you can move your Stronghold. When a Stronghold is relocated, it will leave behind a Vacant Site. Vacant Sites cannot be raided, scouted, temporarily occupied for an impromptu picnic, etc.

Once again for good luck; Portals are special items that are used to change the location of a Stronghold. There are 2 types of Portals:

1. A Portal of Randomness can be used to relocate a Stronghold to a random Vacant Site.
2. A Portal of Great Precision can be used to relocate a Stronghold to a specific Vacant Site.

After relocating your Stronghold, you will need to wait about 5 minutes before another Portal can be used.

BE ADVISED: Once you relocate your Stronghold, you CANNOT move it back to its previous coordinates.
To get one of these new Items, go to the “Items” tab of the Black Market, select the “Misc.” section, then choose the Item you would like to purchase.

Get a Portal today! Explore the lands like a true Viking and improve your Stronghold’s strategic position!