New Battleground Mechanics!



Starting now, players will receive 12 new Battlegrounds at the start of each day!

Of the 12 Battlegrounds you receive, you will receive one Offensive and one Defensive Level-up Battleground.

New Battlegrounds will appear once at 00:00 (midnight) UTC and once again as soon as you defeat the first 12 Battlegrounds.

If you defeat all of the Level-up Battlegrounds available each day, you will progress through the levels faster than ever before!

If you fail to defeat all of the available Battlegrounds in a day, you will not receive 12 new Battlegrounds the next day – only the number that you managed to defeat. Defeating six will bring you just six, seven just seven, and so on. As a result, you might have seven new Battlegrounds and five left over from your previously allotted 12.

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry, you’re not receiving any fewer Battlegrounds – in the past, you received 24 Battlegrounds with only ONE Level-up Battleground. Now you can receive 24 Battlegrounds, but with 2 Level-up Battlegrounds per day – you just have to defeat the first 12!

What if new Battlegrounds don't appear?

If a player is logged into the game at 23:59 and is waiting for new Battlegrounds to appear, it will be necessary to refresh the game at 00:00 (midnight) UTC. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the new Battlegrounds will not appear.

What are level-up Battlegrounds, and what's the difference between them and regular Battlegrounds?

The only difference between level-up Battlegrounds and other Battlegrounds you can find in your Battle Menu is that the level-up Battleground will always be of a higher level than the rest. Defeating a Level-up Battleground increases your maximum Battleground Level by 1. If your highest Battleground Level is 5, and you defeat it, your next group of Battlegrounds will include a level-up Battleground of level 6, and so on.