Coming Soon - Global Tournaments Rock Shingård!



Lord Marshal!

King Björn has combined the knowledge of all his favorite coloring books to create a new arena for competition between Lord Marshals – Global Tournaments! Coming in the nearest future to a computer screen near you!

Global Tournaments are a chance to show off your skills – and biceps - to puny rival Lord Marshals!

By royal mandate, participation in Global Tournaments usually requires Lord Marshals to take on dangerous missions, collecting as many Tournament Points as possible by completing various objectives. The Tournament Points you collect will be tallied by King Björn himself – meaning Skald. All Lord Marshals who succeed will be rewarded based on the amount of Points they’ve scored!

All Lord Marshals are divided into Classes according to their experience Level: Meat, Acolyte, Warrior, Veteran, Adept, or Master. The scale of your reward from a Global Tournament depends on which Class you belong to when you begin the mission.

There are even more Tournaments coming down the pipe - Björn is currently working on them, so don’t get your nordic knickers in a twist! You will be able to access Global Tournaments via the brand new Icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Battle to take a top spot in the Rankings and get rewards so big ballads will be written about them!

Good luck!