Awesome New Game Changes!



Lord Marshal! A blizzard has swept into Shingård and brought with it some fantastic new changes! Take a look!

1. Blood Pacts

From now on, the majority of Blood Pacts DO NOT DEPEND on the Level of the Hall of Records. That’s right, Lord Marshals – you no longer need to wait for that Building to upgrade in order to upgrade your Blood Pacts. Additionally, the Levels of certain Blood Pacts no longer depend on the Levels of other Blood Pacts, meaning that if you want to upgrade the stats of one particular Unit, you can upgrade the relevant Blood Pact without having to first upgrade other, unrelated Blood Pacts! Furthermore, while certain Blood Pacts now require Scrolls of Negotiation, those that do require it only at higher levels.

2. Construction

You will now only require Special Building Upgrade Items for the Aleworks and the Altar of Life when they have been upgraded to the highest Level.

You can now also have 4 Thralls instead of 2, thus adding to your overall construction queue and enabling you to construct or upgrade more Buildings simultaneously!

3. Raid Limits

Raid Limits have been increased! Now you can Raid as many as 500,000 Resources in a day instead of the previous 250,000!

4. Raid Attempts

You also get an ADDITIONAL 20 Raid attempts per day (30 instead of the regular 10)!

Great news such as this shouldn’t pass uncelebrated! Grab some Fire Ale and take advantage of these awesome changes to make your Stronghold stronger than ever!

Skald, loyal Bard to His Majesty and Awesomeness King Björn, the Mighty and Handsome