Newly Risen Obelisk are Conquered

The Ice Queen returns! Children, women and grown men are sent running. The Ice Queen and her vile forces of undead minions once again roam the land. With her, come newly risen Obelisk, the great seats of power that our noble champions contend and compete against one another for ownership.

As previously occurred, the Ice Queen and her forces controlled the newly risen Obelisk as they appeared. Her forces solidified the walls and she prepared for what would come next, the champions of the North were on the move. 

The thirst for power was great amongst their ranks and the Ice Queen was foe to all that was good in the lands, she had to be defeated, the Obelisk had to be claimed as their own and cleansed of her filth. 
Battles commenced all across the lands, Obelisk were wrestled from the hands of the Ice Queen and quickly the map began to change.

Obelisk Dropped North

Obelisk Dropped South

As seen from the images above, which depict the shape of the map only hours after the Obelisks rose, you can see that the charge against the Ice Queen was led by the Unfair Fairies, the Blood Dragons, Decadence, the AoC and the Storm Riders in the North. 
In the South, clan Malice and their sister league Vanguard (formerly known as Malice II) led the charge and quickly dispatched the foul forces of the undead. In addition to this, the Blood Dragons also led a strike, along with the Ignor Kai.

Despite these noble heroes' efforts, the Ice Queen continued to fight on and managed to hold onto two Obelisk of power.
With the claiming of these new strongholds, the heroes of Shingard have added additional infusion to their arsenal and the ability to create an even greater quantity of stenghtened infused warriors.

The Nords Chronicle knows that our brave warriors will not allow the Ice Queen to hold long in her fortifications, she will be expelled and our brave men and women will not rest until she is once again sent into retreat from these noble lands. 
We also know that even now, battles are being fought over the newly risen Obelisk and lands will change hands many times before the dust finally settles and new owners can take root. 
Alas, that is a story for the future, for next week, as the Chronicle continues to monitor the front lines to bring you the latest and most important news.

Be safe and stay warm citizens.

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