Once Friends, Forever Foes

With the Ice Queen in retreat, the great clans have free reign to battle one another for glory. The mighty seats of power known as the Obelisks have become the focus of contention between rivals.

A great war erupted recently which saw newly-made allies turn on one another. It was a short and bloody affair: The Drifters, who attempted to betray their allies and overthrow them in conjunction with a number of smaller clans, were discovered and laid to waste by the combined effort of their two remaining former allies, clan Decadence and Malice.

The Drifters have continued their fight, engaging in small skirmishes here and there, but ultimately they know that at the present time they are unable to muster the strength to take back what they believe to be rightfully theirs.

Tension runs high within their ranks and unfortunately for them, their roster has continued to drop and their membership has fallen by almost 20 members. This is typical in a time of war, especially when you are not on the winning side.
Having suffered a number of devastating attacks, those loyal to the clan continue to grow their forces in the shadows, knowing that one day they will have the chance to bid for dominance once more.

Sadly for the Drifters, there has been a setback to these plans. Two mighty heroes from opposing sides have gone head to head. On the one side, the heroic Pipo, of Malice 2, known for his vast armies and being one the strongest offensive players in the realm.
The other, Rakrakia, the strongest warrior within the Drifters ranks, and one the Chronicles has reported on in the past.

These two titans went head to head. Pipo, learning that a gathering of troops was meeting at Rakrakia's fortress, assembled his soldiers and issued the command to march forth.
The battle, which can only be described as gruesome, lasted long into the night. The walls of Rakrakia, possessing the strongest fortifications that Emeralds can buy, were strong and lent much aid to its defenders. But ultimately could not stop the tidal wave that was Pipo.

Pipo vs Rakrakia

Pipo vs Rakrakia

This historic battle, which can be seen from the images above that the Nords Chronicle was able to obtain, paints a bloody picture and is to date the largest player vs. stronghold battle in Shingard’s history.
Pipo, possessing a staggering 107 legendary Hydras, saw more than half of these fall taking Rakrakia's walls. Rakrakia in turn lost 58 Lairwatchers, in addition to 28 Consumed Ones.

The cost to each side was immense and shows the willingness for these two clans to engage one another on the field of battle. 
The Nords Chronicle knows that this won't be the last battle like this we report on, for the hatred and resentment runs deep. Both sides will never forget and never forgive.

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