Alliances are Broken

The peace has been shattered. Only a short time ago, the great leaders of clans Decadence, Malice and Drifters met on neutral ground, they shook hands and decided that they would join forces to protect their lands and defeat the vile Ice Queen. How things can change in a short time.
Working behind the backs of their allies, the clan Chieftain of Drifters, known as Rain, was actively and maliciously conspiring to overthrow her allies. Unfortunately for Rain, this news was leaked by one of her senior members, who did not like the direction the clan had taken. The fallout from these acts of duplicity will echo through Shingard history.
A member of clan Drifters shared the first message that hinted at the betrayal that was to come, and the Chronicle shares this with you, our loyal readers, so that you can better understand how the story unfolded.

Portions of the message have been concealed to protect our sources. The result of this message led to a chain of events that ultimately ended in the Drifters’ downfall: one of the top clans completely falling off the charts and losing all of their seats of power.
Meadran, the diplomatic officer for Clan Malice and Chieftain of Malice II, contacted Rain and confronted her in regards to this betrayal, a portion of which can be seen below.

Meadran Addressing Rain

Following this end of communication between the two former allies, Decadence informed Malice that they would also be dropping their allegiance preemptively with the Drifters, who were planning on turning on them eventually.
Armies sharpened their blades and tension filled the air. This was no simple foe that was unorganized or helpless, what Decadence and Malice faced now was then one of the top ranking clans in the realm; their soldiers, leaders and citizens knew this. Prayers were raised high to the their respective gods and equipment was made ready. The drums of war beat loudly in the minds of all.
The attacks came from both sides. The forces deployed were staggering. Decadence assaulted the fortifications of the Drifters, while Malice sieged the strongholds of Obelisk #1 and #11.
Blood splattered across the once green fields and the rivers ran red, armies clashed and fought sword to sword, hand to hand and tooth to tooth. Sadly, for the Drifters, they were outmatched, their opposition too fierce and too strong. The death blows came all at once, the images of which can be seen below.

OB 11 Malice Hitting Drifters

OB 1 Malice Hitting Drifters

The Drifters’ flags were torn down and cast to the wind, their troops, although many survived, fled to fight another day. The forces of Malice claimed Obelisk #1 as their own, while Obelisk #11 and #10 were handed to the Storm Riders, who were more than happen to lay claim to the lands formerly held by the Drifters.
Infuriated, Rain shouted out in rage in the global chat, for all to hear. She called the opposing clans out and cursed them. In an act of what could only be blind, unthinking anger, she struck out, sending her forces on a doomed assault to die in a blaze of glory. 

Rain Attacks Drifters

For the moment, the map has shifted in a dramatic way: the Drifters no longer occupy any land, but their forces still roam the map, striking targets when they can and attempting to recoup their morale. A new leadership has been appointed and Rain is nowhere to found, possibly having fallen in her final battle. 
The Drifters may have been defeated in this war, but their clan lives on, their spirit lives on. Time will heal their wounds and you can rest assured they will fight what they believe is their right, their land and their people.

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