Malum Ignis Faces the Might of Malice

War is in the air!

Malice, the original and currently the top ranked clan in the realm, has declared an official war on Malum Ignis, the only clan to currently own an Obelisk in what Malice calls their territory in the South East.
Since the rise of the latest Obelisk, Malum Ignis has weathered the storm, surrounded on all fronts by Malice. Meanwhile Malice has tolerated the presence of Malum Ignis, not bothering to expel them from what they consider their lands.
This isolated Obelisk has received no major threats, until now. Members of both Malice and Malum Ignis have found themselves at odds, raids have been increasing on both sides and castles have been sacked. It was only a matter of time before leadership noticed and one of the two parties declared war.
The call came from Malice, where one of their seasoned Advisors made the war official, calling out to the warriors of Malice and declaring all Malum Ignis forces as "fair game". The following message was sent out.

Malice Declares War Malum Ignis
With the war official, the frequency of attacks reached a new fever pitch. Malice sent forth its warriors, raiding the castles of Malum Ignis and sacking what resources they could obtain through force. The Chieftain of Malum Ignis was one such victim.

Malice Attacks Malum Chief Xanest

Malum Ignis returned fire, although not with the ferocity seen from the warriors in Malice. In addition to this, Malice began sending softening hits against Malum Ignis's only seat of power, Obelisk 16.

Malice Softens Malum OB 16 2

BattleStat Malum Ob Hit

Pawg MaluM OB16 Hit

The attacks have continued on, day and night. Dragons, Northmen, Orcs and Elves have fallen in battle. The warriors of Malum Ignis have stood strong against the never ending onslaught of attacks from Malice, yet reports are reaching the Chronicle’s ears of fatigue setting in.
Will Malum Ignis be able to withstand the storm, or will Malice eventually triumph over their opposition? 
The results are yet unknown, but regardless of the outcome, the Chronicle will be there casting away the darkness and bringing you, our loyal readers, the latest and greatest news from across the realm.

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