The North West is Reshaped

The lands of Shingard continue to grow more and more hostile with the passing of each day. The North, as many of our loyal readers will know, is wracked with strife.

The target? The Stormriders and their seats of power. They continue to slip in influence and they struggle to hold onto all that they worked so hard to obtain. Yet there is one clan that is not struggling, but prospering in the face of the all the turmoil erupting in our lands. 
The clan I speak of is the Thugs, one of the first created after Bjorn issued a call to arms to face the then-newly-risen threat of the Ice Queen and her dark minions.

Although the Thugs were one of the first created clans, they were slow in growth, remaining largely behind the scenes and choosing to stay out of the large battles embroiling the lands and sending them into anarchy.
This all changed a number of weeks ago, when Pipo, one of the largest offensive players in the realm, left his home in Vanguard and joined the ranks of the Thugs, effectively putting them on the map. 

The results were quick to appear. The Thugs’ mentality changed and they became much more aggressive, taking on the persona of their now most valuable member, Pipo.
The attacks began in the West. Obelisks began to fall to the combined onslaught of the newly emboldened Thugs, with Pipo leading the charge.

Over a matter of a few short weeks with Pipo being in the clan, the map was reshaped and as it stands now, the Thugs are the largest force occupying the North-West marches, replacing the previous tenant, The Storm Riders.

Rise Of Thugs

As can be seen from the image above, the Thugs now occupy a formidable five Obelisks and their lands of influence makes them one of the top ranking clans in the realm, placing them currently in fourth position.

Thugs Rank

Will the Storm Riders strike back and attempt to regain their former glory? Will the Thugs over-extend their reach, or will they continue to carve out the map as their forces march onward?
Only time will tell, yet regardless of the results, the Chronicle will be on the front lines, putting our lives at risk to bring the latest and most important news to you, our loyal readers.

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