Storm Riders Forced into Retreat

A break in the Storm came at last. It appeared that the Storm Riders had settled into their new routine after a number of their key players left to form their own new clan. 
Sadly, this routine would not last. As the Chronicle speculated in last week's edition, the Storm Riders were already being surrounded by the wolves, enemies could smell their weakness and would strike.
This is exactly what has unfolded. The Storm Riders, who held the majority of the North-Western lands, saw hordes of enemy forces advancing from all fronts. Fortunately for them, they expected this to some degree and wisely consolidated the bulk of their forces within two Obelisks, #35 and #34.

Below we show you what the SRs’ lands once looked like, at the height of their power, before the splintering of their ranks.


Their sway in these lands has drastically reduced. The Drifters, Bloodsworn, Thugs, Solstice and Blue Fire clans all invaded their territory, knowing that the opportunity to strike was now!

Day and night, the Obelisk in the North West traded hands as clans battled over this fractured domain. The Storm Riders themselves attempted for a time to regain what they had lost, but to no avail: their defenses were just not as strong as they once were. 
At the time of writing, the lands look much different, with new flags flying high in the wind.

Thugs Srs

As can be seen from the image above, the Thugs have gained the most from this conflict. Once a clan that lingered in the background, they rose greatly in power and gained much territory once held by the SRs as a result of this.

Solstice now holds one of SRs’ previously held Obelisks as well, while the SRs themselves are down to two level-five Obelisks and one level-one, which is heavily contested.

What will become of SRs next is anyone's guess, but the Chronicle knows that they will rise again if any clan can. Whatever the outcome, the Chronicle will be there to report. Until next time my friends.

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