Dissension in the Ranks

A division has formed. At first it appeared as just a crack, but rapidly it widened and the floodgates were opened. 
A great clan—the second, in fact, to be formed in the realm—is facing a period of dissension and separation.

This clan that I speak of is none other than the Storm Riders, known for their many great battles with the top clans of the realm and their tight unity in the past. This unity, however, is now in question.

Members of the clan awoke to a startling revelation. Many of their fellow teammates had thrown down their Tabards and left the sanctity of the clan. The reasoning for this was unclear, but was not limited to simple lower ranking members: no, the names leaving included some of the top members in the clan.
The first to publicly voice their opinion was Silver Lord, possibly the most feared offensive player in Storm Riders and a well respected Advisor.

Fracturing Of SRS 2

The departure of Silver Lord left a large hole in the ranks of the Storm Riders, which would widen as a flood of fellow members began to throw down their Tabards as well. More announcements were made in clan chat and more mass mails were sent by Advisors, but still the reasoning was yet unclear, unless you were involved in the inner circle and knew what was happening.
Stepping up, in an attempt to dispel some of the rumors and confusion, Gabstar, the Chieftain of the Storm Riders had the following explanation for her clan mates.

Fracturing Of SRS

The explanation was still murky, but becoming more clear as each passing moment elapsed. It became apparent that this family member that Chief Gabstar was defending had horribly offended some of her senior members, a situation that was apparently not being addressed to their satisfaction.
Not all members abandoned ship. Advisor Eraj Tob formed a plan and began to rally the loyalists; knowing that they were weakened, the call was made to recall their defensive forces and consolidate.

Fracturing Of SRS 3

Although the Storm Riders have lost many of their top tier players, they are still a functioning clan, with much fight left in them. It is unknown how long they will be able to keep the wolves at bay, but already the drums of war can be heard on the distant horizon.
Blood is in the water and the barbarians are at the gate. They know that the Storm Riders are weakened and it is only a matter of time before their seats of power, their Obelisks, are put to the test.

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