Clans Stand Resilient

The Nords Chronicle returns to the story of the newly risen obelisks that appeared with the second coming of the Ice Queen.
When we left off last time, valiant clans battled across the lands to lay claim to what they believed to be theirs. At first it was unclear who would come out on top and who would be victorious, the battles raged long into the dark of night and much blood was shed.
Yet, finally, the Chronicle is now able to report on the conclusion of this story, as it appears at least for now that the dust is beginning to settle.
The map remains much the same, although some clans were able to carve out a piece of land for themselves, despite the efforts of the most powerful clans.
In the Southeast, clan Malice still holds its dominance over the lands, yet, still standing resilient are the forces of Malum Ignis, who have sunken their forces deep within the lands of Malice in Obelisk 16, surrounded by enemy forces on all fronts.


In the Southwest the formidable forces of Vanguard, who we reported on last week, secured their borders, eliminating almost all opposition. 
The only beacon yet to be consumed by their armies has been Obelisk 23 in which the Spiders have stoutly secured and barred the gates.


Meanwhile, in the North, which experienced the most intense fighting, the forces of the Stormriders and Solstice (previously known as Decadence) have all but dominated the land mass.
Battles raged in the North for weeks. Men clashed on the ground, while dragons tangled in the skies. Clan Bloodsworn was seen in the thick of these engagements and was the only clan capable of securing a beacon, other than the two clans previously mentioned.


As can be seen from the image above, Bloodsworn was capable of holding onto obelisk 18, even throughout some of the most gruesome battles this realm has yet to see.
The question now on everyone’s mind is, what will happen next? What clan will attempt to overthrow those who have secured their lands? Will the Ice Queen rise again and bring more obelisks with her? Only time will tell, but rest assured, the Chronicle will be there to report.