Obelisk War Claims its 1st Victim

Fall of the Thugs

As reported last week, war has erupted across our great lands. In the North, in the South, no matter where you turn: war is here and it is grim.
Pitched battles are fought in the marshlands, frozen Northlands and moderate South. Brothers fight brothers and dragons die by the thousands. The Thugs, who once dominated the Northlands and captured so much land from clan Solstice, now find themselves on the run.
Commander Pipo, who has thus far led his warriors into victory after victory, now fights a losing battle as the combined forces of Malice and Solstice beat back the horde of invaders.

The Thugs were quickly reduced to holding two Obelisks, after previously holding eight in the North. Within these two seats of power, the Thugs made their final stand, but it was becoming quite clear to all that it was only a matter of time before the hour of defeat was on hand.
Meadran, the Chieftain of Malice rallied his troops and spurred on his forces, encouraging them not to halt with their attacks. The smell of blood was in the air and the hunters were on the trail.

Malice Issues Attack Thugs

The soldiers of clan Malice and Solstice, encouraged by the retreating enemy and the success in their recent battles, pressed on with their attacks. Shortly after the above message was issued Obelisk #23 fell to a co-ordinated effort by clan Malice and their allies.

Malice Captures Thugs OB 23

Malice Captures Thugs OB 23

The losses, as can be seen above, were near absolute. The defenders had been whittled down to nothing and few escaped with their lives still intact.
Discouraged and disheartened, the real voice of Thugs, Pipo, gave the word to send whatever was available to their last seat of power, Obelisk #35, with little hope of holding it.

Thugse become demoralized

Unfortunately, not long after this, the Thugs were once again defeated: their members simply did not have the troops nor the conviction to continue on with the fight. They accepted their defeat and withdrew from the North, going into hiding with the hopes of healing and living to fight another day.
Yet, the taking of their final seat of power would not be their last defeat in this war. Pipo, the one who led Thugs to many victories and in the end many defeats, abandoned his post and clan Thugs, choosing to create his own new clan.

For the time being, Pipo has gone into hiding, followed by his sidekick and loyal ally, BeMoreDog. The Thugs have been taken out of the war, yet United Legion and Vanguard still fight on. 
A great battle may of been won, and a great victory seized on behalf of Malice and Solstice, yet this war is far from over and the story far from done...

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